How to Spot Your Most Fertile Days

In case you would like to get pregnant, you should know that the most important thing in this case is timing.

In order to increase your chances of conceiving, you should know which your most fertile days are. It is known that every woman has about 15%-20% chances every month to get pregnant.

Tracking your periods to know most fertile days

Consider whether your periods are regular and how many days go by between two periods. These are key information in this case.

Most Fertiles DaysTo learn this information you should mark the day on a calendar when your period starts. Then count the days until the following period starts to find out more about your most fertile days.

In order to have accurate information, you should do this for at least three months. Usually a cycle lasts for 28 days, but it is normal to have a cycle of 23-35 days.

The cycles could also vary from one month to the other.

Determining your ovulation

It is important to have sex in your ovulation interval. This is the time when the egg is released and it is ready to be fertilized. This is the period of time that you have to pinpoint.

In case you have regular cycles, then this period is around the 14th day of the cycle. Nonetheless defining your fertile window is a bit more difficult in case of irregular cycles.

Your temperature

One of the signs that show us that a woman is ovulating is that her body temperature slightly rises. In order to know your most fertile days, you should take your temperature in the morning before you get up from bed.

In case you do this for a longer period of time, after a while you will recognize a pattern and you will be able to predict when you will have the most fertile days.

In the fertile days interval your body temperature rises by half a degree. Usually this happens a day or two after ovulation occurred. It may be a good idea to get a special thermometer for this purpose.

Ovulation kit

Although this is a more expensive method to use while you ovulate, it is more accurate than the temperature method. You can find such kits in drugstores, and they are working through measuring the level of the luteinizing hormone of women. You have to test your urine, and you will know your ovulation time.

Cervical mucus

In this case there is no need for any technology in order to know when the changes occur in your body. When the body is preparing for ovulation, the cervical mucus will become thin and clear. This way it is becoming easier for the sperm to reach the egg during the high fertility days.

When you have all the information you need it will become a lot easier to get pregnant, and you just have to recognize the signs of your most fertile days to take advantage of the possibilities that are offered to you and end up having a baby.


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