Obesity and Not Stress Can Affect Pregnancy

New studies are telling women who may be stressed about becoming pregnant that they ought not to worry about pregnancy if they are not obese.

Stress will not ruin chances of IVF pregnancy, claims a new study.

pregnant with ivfPregnancy TestsBeing tense and stressed about getting pregnant will not impact their chances of getting pregnant, though these run counter to other studies that indicate that simply being tense and stressed could actually prevent women from becoming pregnant.

Turns out that stress impacting possibilities of getting pregnant is a bit of a myth, and researchers found that it was not stress or emotional problems that were preventing women from getting pregnant.

It was however made clear by professor Jacky Boivin, of Cardiff University, that the possible impact of stress on the process of natural conception cannot be ruled out.

Obesity can create pregnancy complications, and can be problematic even before the pregnancy actually occurs, says the study – obesity can cause problems with fertility such as irregular ovulation and menstrual periods and so on.

The study reinforces the public health message that tells women to battle obesity and get into shape; for the sake of getting pregnant and later on for the sake of their baby.


  1. Stress can affect pregnancy is really a myth. In fact, my cousin last year got pregnant spite of the business she got from his work. Now, I am getting my support from your article. Thanks for the great share!


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