Is It Possible to Have a Period and Pregnant at the Same Time?

Pregnancy is full of surprises especially if you are not well informed on what to expect from your pregnancy. One of the concerns among pregnant women is the issue of menstrual periods and pregnancy.

Are you having a menstrual period and pregnant at the same time? A lot of controversies surround this issue leaving many women confused. It is a medical fact that menstrual periods and pregnancy cannot in any way happen at the same time.

Why you can’t get a period and pregnant at the same time

Period and PregnantDuring the normal menstrual cycle, hormonal changes that take place in your body stimulate your reproductive system to prepare for a potential pregnancy. These hormones facilitate the release of an egg from your ovaries and at the same time cause uterus wall thickening in preparation of an egg.

If the egg is not fertilized then the inner thickened uterus wall and unfertilized egg are shed from the womb which is what we know as menstrual periods.

However, if the egg is fertilized while going through the fallopian tube, hCG – the body’s pregnancy hormone – usually overrides the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle.

This in effect suspends the menstrual cycle and your periods. Your body remains in this state during the entire pregnancy. Therefore it is practically impossible to experience a period and pregnant at the same time.

The reason behind period-like symptoms during pregnancy

Some women even after being convinced that it is impossible to have a period during pregnancy still have doubts. The truth of the matter is that the symptoms you actually experience similar to the signs and symptoms of a regular period during pregnancy are actually caused by implantation bleeding. This is a general medical term used to refer to the bleeding that occurs when a fertilized egg is implanted on the uterus lining.

Normally, the uterus lining is usually very rich in blood and when the fertilized egg digs into the inner lining of the uterus, some bleeding occurs through the vagina. This is a very common symptom of pregnancy that mostly happens during the early stages of pregnancy though many women mistake it for periods.

There is one noticeable difference in the blood produced during a normal period and pregnant implantation bleeding. The blood produced in implantation bleeding is usually brownish in color rather than the usual red produced in normal periods. Normal period bleeding is usually heavier than implantation bleeding which may only occur as spotting rather than bleeding. Implantation bleeding also occurs some few days before your menstruation period therefore is easy to differentiate.

Though some pregnant women may surprisingly have some bleeding on the actual days of their menstruation, it is important to understand that the bleeding is caused by changes in hormone levels in your body especially during early pregnancy. This bleeding stops as the pregnancy proceeds therefore there is no need for concern about similar period and pregnant bleeding. However, if you experience unusually heavy bleeding that happens longer, the best solution is to consult your doctor immediately for further advice.


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