Pregnancy After 35 – Understanding the Risks

In case you are considering pregnancy after 35 you should know that you’re not the only one.

This is because there are more and more women delaying their pregnancy into their 30s or even beyond and their majority ends up having healthy children.

Risks and pregnancy after 35

It is true that all women have a biological clock, but there is nothing special about the age of 35. It is just an age in which case people have to think about the risks that they are taking.

Pregnancy After 35Longer time

In case of being pregnant after the age of 35 it is possible that it will take longer to get pregnant. This is because the quality of the eggs declines with time, and although women may have their periods, they might not ovulate as regularly as they used to.

Nonetheless this doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnant, it just means that it is more difficult.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant after the age of 35 and you have been trying for 6 months without results, then you may want to talk to your health care provider.

Multiple pregnancy

It is interesting to know that in case of a pregnancy after 35 it is more likely to get pregnant with twins than at a younger age. This may be influenced by the ARTs such as IVF. These techniques enhance ovulation and this is why it is common to be pregnant with twins.

Gestational diabetes

Regarding pregnancy after 35 you should know that in this case women are at a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. This is a kind of diabetes that affects only pregnant women.

It needs to be controlled through diet, lifestyle changes and physical exercise. In case the condition isn’t treated, the maternity after the age of 35 might result in you having a baby that grows too large.

High blood pressure

According to the studies that have been conducted in this matter you should know that it is more likely for women to have high blood pressure and high levels of protein in their urine when being 35 and pregnant.

This means that your health care provider will monitor your pregnancy closely. It is possible to have an induced labor to avoid the complications that could occur during delivery.


Women who are 35 and expecting are more likely to have to face complications that result in the need of a C-section. One of these complications is placenta previa, meaning that the placenta blocks the cervix.

Chromosome abnormalities

Expecting after the age of 35 has some risk related to the chromosomes as well. According to statistics women over the age of 35 sometimes have children who have been affected by Down syndrome or other chromosome problems.

As you can see, there is a lot to be thinking about when it comes to pregnancy after 35 and the risks associated with it. Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that something is going to go wrong.


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