Pregnancy After Abortion – How Soon Should You Try?

Thinking about pregnancy after abortion is quite tricky. There are some women asking whether the second pregnancy is any different from the first one.

The truth is that there is no definite answer because from some point of view it is while from others it isn’t.

Information about abortion and pregnancy

There isn’t difference between the first and second pregnancy because you already know how to increase your chances of getting pregnant. So all you have to do is to go through the same process to get pregnant for the second time as well.

Pregnancy after AbortionWhen it comes to abortion and pregnancy, there are some differences between the two pregnancies.

First of all it is important to understand why you had the abortion for the first time. If you had anything to do with it, you have to rectify the problem before you try the second time.

You have to understand that there are many different things to think about regarding pregnancy after abortion.

It is possible that there have been some circumstances that forced you to have the procedure, but now they have changed and you would like to try again. In this case you should go ahead.

Does the procedure affect the chances of a future pregnancy?

According to the specialists, there is no risk of infertility regarding abortion. Although the procedure shouldn’t affect the future pregnancies, in rare cases there could be complications. If you have several D&C (dilation and curettage) procedures the uterus or the cervix could get scarred.

If you are considering pregnancy after abortion, you should go through another procedure known as hysteroscopy. During this there is a small camera inserted into the uterus through the cervix that is meant to check for scarring of this kind. Also it can be used to repair the damages.

If this isn’t your case when it comes to abortion and pregnancy, you should know that during D&C the dilation of the cervix could weaken it.

This means that if you have several abortions and later you get pregnant, you may get faced with a problem known as incompetent cervix.

During pregnancy after abortion, the cervix dilates too early. It is possible to be treated for the problem with a cerclage that is a stitch which is meant to keep the cervix closed.

The good news is that if you were pregnant before you can be sure that you can ovulate and you don’t have problems with the fallopian tubes.


You may be interested, regarding abortion and pregnancy, about how soon can you get pregnant again. Technically it might be possible to get pregnant the next day. Nonetheless doctors say that women should avoid having sex in the following three weeks.

The specialists also say regarding pregnancy after abortion that it depends more on the patients. From a physical point of view they may be ready for a pregnancy very soon, but there are also the emotional factors that women should keep in mind.

It is possible regarding abortion and pregnancy that a patient seems to have gone through the procedure quite easily, they may not heal that fast from an emotional point of view. This is why it is better to wait for a while before trying again.

As you can see regarding pregnancy after abortion it is best to wait until you are certain that you would really like to have the second pregnancy and that you will be able to go through with it. Keep in mind that several abortions are a lot more difficult to handle than a single one.


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