Pregnancy After Miscarriage – How Soon Should You Try?

If a woman had a miscarriage, it may be confusing and scary to think about pregnancy after miscarriage. There are a lot of questions that women could have. If this is your case you have to make sure that you discuss these questions with your doctor and then decide whether you want to get pregnant again.

Should you find the cause when thinking about miscarriage and pregnancy?

The truth is that the women who had a miscarriage have very low risks of having another one. This is why the majority of the doctors don’t insist on women having any tests. Naturally the doctors will also take into consideration the medical history of the patient.

Pregnancy After MiscarriageWhen thinking about getting pregnant after a miscarriage sometimes you do have to think about the causes of the miscarriage. For instance, if you had several miscarriages in the second trimester it is possible that you have an incompetent cervix.

However the miscarriages in the first trimester are usually caused by chromosomal abnormalities.

Can you get pregnant?

A lot of women are thinking about miscarriage and getting pregnant after it. In some cases pregnancy appears unplanned. Some women say that they had a miscarriage and they started having the symptoms of pregnancy just a week or two after it. Basically it is possible to get pregnant that soon.

Keep in mind about the pregnancy after a miscarriage that women can get pregnant even if their period didn’t come back yet. In this case it is important to get tested. If your home tests come back positive, you should see your doctor to make sure that the results are accurate.

Regarding the risks of pregnant women who had a miscarriage, doctors say that the pregnancy isn’t threatened even if the mother had several miscarriages before. However the majority of the doctors suggest that women should wait for a while before they try getting pregnant again.

How long should be the waiting?

If you are thinking about a pregnancy after miscarriage your doctor will most probably tell you to wait until you have a normal menstrual cycle. After that you can start trying again. If you think about the fact that you can ovulate about two week after the miscarriage, after 3 weeks you could get pregnant again.

The risks

When it comes to pregnancy and miscarriage in the majority of the cases, there is no reason for the miscarriage to happen again. However if the problem isn’t a chromosomal abnormality of the baby, you may want to find out what is wrong and what you could do about it.

Sometimes the doctors say regarding getting pregnant after a miscarriage that if a woman gets pregnant 6 times, most probably she will have two miscarriages. Remember that miscarriages are very common and they don’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with thinking about getting pregnant after a miscarriage. A lot of women were in the same situation and now they have happy and healthy children.


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