Pregnancy After Miscarriage – Sooner May Be Better, Says Study

A miscarriage or pregnancy loss can be very traumatic, physically as well as mentally, and couples want to try to get pregnant soon after the loss. And now a study conducted at the University of Aberdeen has suggested that getting pregnant within six months after a miscarriage is recommended.

getting pregnantThe study found that those women, who conceived within 6 months after their miscarriage, had a better chance of having a healthy pregnancy that was also free from complications, when compared with women who conceived later than 6 months.

This finding is contrary to a previous study and also the WHO recommendation that women should wait 6 months after a pregnancy loss to try and get pregnant again.

The study found that those women who conceived within 6 months of their miscarriage were 34% less likely to miscarry again, when compared with other women who conceived later.

One of the reasons offered for this finding is the factor of maternal age. Age of the mother is the most important determining factor for miscarriages. Women who conceived more than 6 months after their miscarriage were those much older and that much more at risk of miscarrying due to being older.

The researchers also found that there was no health justification for delaying a pregnancy after a miscarriage.


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