Problems Getting Pregnant – How to Face Them

For sure you know that there are a lot of people struggling with problems getting pregnant.

This is why it is important to wait a month or two before you actually get pregnant to prepare for your pregnancy thus increasing your chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Problems Getting Pregnant

Preconception visit and pregnancy problems

You should be checked out by your doctor before you get pregnant. He or she will also review the medication that you are taking. Some of the medications are dangerous in case of a pregnancy and so you might have to switch to another kind of medication before you try to conceive.

During this visit, in order to avoid the problems with pregnancy your doctor will also tell you about healthy nutrition, exercise and weight gain not to mention the possible unhealthy habits that you could have. You will have to date your immunizations and you will get some supplements and multivitamins.

Folic acid

To make sure that you won’t have difficulties with your pregnancy, you should take folic acid. It is best to take folic acid for a month before you get pregnant and go on taking it in the first trimester. This way you can decrease the chances of the baby having problems with the neural tube, such as spina bifida.

In order to avoid the pregnancy difficulties, make sure that the supplements that you take contain at least 400 mg of folic acid. On the other hand they shouldn’t contain more than 770 mg of vitamin A, unless it comes in the form of beta carotene. Too much vitamin A can lead to birth defects.

Smoking, drinking and drugs

If you have some difficulty getting pregnant, it is possible that one of these is the culprit. It is known that smoking can cause miscarriage, low birth weight or premature birth. Remember that there are some drugs and medications that stay in the system even after the effects wear off.

When thinking about smoking and pregnancy difficulties you should think about the fact that second hand smoking can also be dangerous for the baby. In the same time alcohol is also bad for the baby and it could result in birth defects. To stop the unhealthy habits you should talk to your health care provider.

Healthy foods

Although you aren’t actually eating for two, in order to avoid the pregnant women’s difficulties, it is best to fill your fridge with healthy foods. This way you will have plenty of nutrients and vitamins in your body even before you get pregnant. It is best to have 2 cups of vegetables and fruits per day.


To make sure that you won’t have the pregnant women’s problems, it is best to make sure that you limit the caffeine intake during pregnancy. The effects of caffeine on the fetus are not yet known, but you shouldn’t have too much of it.

If you are not getting pregnant even after 6 months of actively trying, it might be time to see a fertility specialist.


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