Find Out More About the Sperm Donation Process

For young people sperm donation may seem as an easy way to get some money. The sperm banks can usually be found around universities where there are a lot of young and intelligent men willing to donate their sperm for a given sum of money. However things aren’t as simple as they seem at first.

Criteria of donating sperm

When thinking about donating there are some things that you should know. Men have to be between 18 and 35 and they are supposed to live within an hour’s drive from the bank. Even more, you have to be at least six feet tall. Most probably the parents don’t want to have short children.

Sperm Donation ProcessThere are also some criteria regarding education. The sperm donors must have at least a high school diploma. There are also some banks that require men to be enrolled in a college or to be a college graduate. The banks offer more money if you have a PhD and it is even better if you attended an Ivy League School.

It is best if the sperm donation comes from a white male because the majority of the couples seeking sperm are white. The donor has to be in good shape. In some cases there are some restrictions regarding hair and eye color. Some of the banks don’t accept sperm from redheads because couples don’t want their child to have red hair.


The donors of sperm have to provide a complete medical history. Usually men are asked the routine questions, but there are some strange questions as well. The bank has to know about all runny noses and all the strange rashes that you ever had. It is possible that you can’t donate sperm because you have some allergies.

The sperm donation can’t come from someone who was infected by an STD at some point of their life, even if they were cured since then. You must offer medical history for your family, including parents, siblings, aunts, cousins and so on, going back for four generations.

After all this the sperm donator is most probably called back for a follow-up discussion. During this you will have to talk about all the strange deaths in your family.

One step further

After all this to get to sperm donation you will have a physical exam and some blood tests. Later you will meet the administrator because this is something like a job and you must have an interview. During this most probably you will be asked the regular interview questions.

After this you almost become a donator of sperm. First you have to offer two samples for free for the bank to make sure that your sperm is healthy and that they can fertilize eggs. Before you do what you have to do, you will be given instructions on how to do things.

As you can see sperm donation isn’t as easy as it seems at first and you have to be an almost perfect person to go through with it.


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