Useful Tips for Getting Pregnant

The time comes in the life of the majority of women when they are looking for tips for getting pregnant.

Usually this doesn’t happen from one day to other but there are several things that you could try to increase your chances of getting pregnant and to speed up the process.

Menstrual cycle and the tricks of getting pregnant

In case you would like to get pregnant, the first thing you should do is to get to know your own menstrual cycle. If you know the symptoms of ovulation, you will know when it happens and so you will have higher chances of conceiving. The changes include higher basal temperature or a change in the cervical mucus.

Tips for Getting PregnantThe women looking for getting pregnant tips who don’t trust their ability to observe the changes could be using ovulation kits to be certain of the time of ovulation.

This way you can schedule when to have intercourse. The first day of the cycle is the first day of the period, and women should start testing on the 9th day.

As one of the tips to get pregnant you should know that most probably you won’t have a positive test result the first time you take the test, so just repeat it until it comes back positive.

Usually the cycle of women lasts for 28 days and ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle.

Preconception checkup

Before looking for tips for getting pregnant, it is better to take a trip to the doctor and get a preconception checkup to make sure that you are fine. Your doctor will also be able to suggest what kinds of prenatal vitamins you should be taking.

One of the most important getting pregnant tricks is to be taking folic acid. This is because the substance has been shown to reduce the chances of the baby being affected by neural tube defects. During the visit the doctor can address some other problems that the woman may have.

Healthy lifestyle and diet as tips to get pregnant

When it comes to getting pregnant tips, it is important to remember to have balanced nutrition and regular exercise. Nonetheless you should make sure not to exercise too much because it could lead to ovulation abnormalities. The ideal amount of exercising is 30 minutes three times per week.

Just as you may have thought, the tips to get pregnant also include that you shouldn’t be thinking about dieting during this period.

In case of obese women, it may be good to lose some weight to have normal ovulation, while underweight women should gain some weight for the same reason.

Smoking should also be considered regarding tips for getting pregnant. According to the studies that have been conducted regarding this matter there is a direct link between smoking and a decrease of fertility. This is because it affects the levels of estrogen, leading to ovulation problem.

Sexual frequency

It is known regarding tricks for pregnancy that you need to have sex to get pregnant. Nonetheless what’s too much, hurts in this case. Naturally this depends on your partner, but in some cases if a man ejaculates too often the sperm count could decrease, harming the chances of conception.

As one of the tips to get pregnant, you should have unprotected intercourse about once a day or once every other day. You don’t necessarily have to have sex every day because sperm is able to survive for 72 hours after intercourse so you can get pregnant three days after having sex.


Stress has numerous known harmful effects on the lives of people, and as one of the getting pregnant tips you should try to reduce the stress level that you are exposed to because stress is also known to decrease the chances of women getting pregnant. It also has some other effects.

According to the studies regarding tips for getting pregnant, it has been shown that stress could lead to anxiety regarding sexual performance and it could induce sexual dysfunction in case of men. To get rid of stress you could try different kinds of relaxation techniques and yoga as well.

Ditch the pill

One of the most obvious pregnancy tricks is to ditch the pill as soon as you decide to have a baby. Keep in mind that after giving the pill up you will still have irregular cycles for a while, so you can’t really become pregnant right after you stop using it. Nonetheless it is possible to get pregnant during the first month.


It may be pleasant to have a cup of coffee from time to time, but as one of the getting pregnant tips you should cut down on caffeine. This is because it has been shown that it makes it difficult for the body to absorb iron.



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