Tip for Trying to Conceive After Miscarriage

The truth is that trying to conceive after miscarriage might be quite difficult, even if from a physical point of view you have no problems.

Although it is normal for women to want to try again, they should wait until they are both physically and emotionally ready.

Trying to Conceive After Miscarriage

When to try conceiving after miscarriage?

You should know that there is no amount of time that is suitable for every woman. However the doctors say that women should wait a few months before they try again to have higher chances of a normal pregnancy. If the body of a woman isn’t ready for a new pregnancy, she has high chances of having another miscarriage.

Remember regarding fertilization after miscarriage that the uterus needs time to recover and it also takes time for the endometrium to become healthy and strong again. From a medical point of view it can be safe to try again after 2-3 normal menstrual periods. However some of the doctors recommend couples to wait 6 months.

Another miscarriage?

When trying to conceive after miscarriage a lot of women are afraid that they will have another miscarriage. The good news is that about 85% of the women who had a miscarriage have a healthy pregnancy the following time and the chances are of 75% for the women who had more than one miscarriage.

Do you need to see a specialist?

In case you are thinking about miscarriage and conception it is possible that you doctor will refer you to a specialist in genetics, maternal-fetal medicine, or reproductive endocrinology. This way you will receive the best treatment and you will have higher chances of a normal pregnancy.

If you are trying to conceive after miscarriage and you had several miscarriages, if you are over 35, you have some kind of health condition that affects your ability to get pregnant or if you have fertility issues, you should seek the services of a fertility specialist.

The decision

Deciding to think about conception and miscarriage is something that only the involved couple can do. A new pregnancy will not replace the old one, but you will have something new to focus on. If you had some medical problems, make sure that you talk to your doctor or midwife first.

The next pregnancy

The women thinking about trying to conceive after miscarriage could see that the second pregnancy isn’t as joyful as the first one because life doesn’t always work as we want it to. There are some things you could do to make it easier, like asking your doctor to monitor your pregnancy carefully.

In case you are thinking about a pregnancy after you miscarried, you might want to skip the early preparations for the arrival of the baby. Sometimes the parents want the baby shower to take place after the baby is born and in this case the idea may prove helpful.

It’s not that easy when trying to conceive after miscarriage but you should remember that you aren’t the only one in this situation and there are a lot of people who already gone through it.


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