Trying to Conceive Tips You Should Consider

While some women think that it is easy to get pregnant, some of them may have to look for trying to conceive tips. Sometimes pregnancies happen as a result of an ‘accident’ but in other cases a pregnancy is a result of long periods of planning and trying to get pregnant. You should do everything in your power to get pregnant.

Dos and tips to conceive


One of the things that you should remember is to limit the movements that you have after intercourse. If you stand up right after you had intercourse the semen could leak out. It is best to wait for about 20 minutes before you get up and start moving around to maximize the chances of fertilization.

Trying to Conceive TipsKeep the semen in the vagina

It is important to keep the semen inside the vagina. As one of the tips to get pregnant, you might want to hold the labia together in order to keep the sperm inside. Another thing that you could do is to place a pillow under your pelvis to keep it tilted, making the travel of the sperm towards the egg easier.

Making sex enjoyable

In some cases people forget about the quality of sex and they focus on quantity. If sex is enjoyable, the sperm count also increases, making it easier for them to swim and this way you will have higher chances of getting pregnant.

Male masturbation

Before you start using the pregnancy tips your partner should limit his masturbation. This is important because this way you can increase the sperm count. If the sperm count is higher there will be more little soldiers and so there will be higher chances of getting pregnant in a short period of time.

Prenatal vitamins

One of the most important trying to conceive tips is to take your prenatal vitamins. Make sure that you take folic acid. In the same time there are some other vitamins as well that you should start taking even before you get pregnant. These become even more important during the first trimester of pregnancy.


Alcohol and drugs

For sure you know that the tips for getting pregnant also include that you shouldn’t be drinking any alcohol and also you should avoid drug use. Make sure that your partner does the same. According to the studies conducted in the field, there is a connection between infertility and using such substances.


As one of the trying to conceive tips you should avoid douching right after you have sex. This is because even though sperm entered the reproductive tract, a douche could wash it out. Don’t forget that your aim is to keep the sperm inside.

Oral sex and tricks to conceive

Although it is considered to be an important part of foreplay, as one of the trying to conceive tips you should avoid oral sex before intercourse. This is because the bacteria found in the mouth can damage the quality of the sperm.


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