Things to Consider When Trying to Conceive

It is wonderful if you are trying to conceive and you should know that there are some things you could do in case you would like to speed up the process. In this case it is crucial for you to be healthy and it is also better if you are fit during this period, so you have to consider your life before creating a new one.

Have sex more often if you are trying to get pregnant

The best thing you could do to speed things up is to have sex regularly. In some cases the couples are trying to time things for ovulation, but they do not have sex before and after. It is true regarding trying to conceive that if you have sex when you aren’t ovulating, there will be no result.

Trying To ConceiveNonetheless when you are trying to get pregnant there are some other things to consider as well, such as the fact that women don’t ovulate always at the same moment. This is why in order to make sure that you do everything you can you should have sex three times a week.

Ovulation kit or fertility monitor

When trying to conceive you should be using an ovulation kit to know when you are ovulating. These kits work by measuring the LH levels that rise before ovulation. Their advantage when you are trying to get pregnant is that they are pretty easy to use and they offer accurate results. Nonetheless there is some guesswork involved.

In the same time you could be using a fertility monitor when you are trying to get pregnant. They work similarly to the kits, but they don’t measure only the levels of LH, but some other hormones as well. These are easy to use too, but in this case there is no need for any guesswork.

Sex before ovulation

In case you are trying to conceive you may get confused about when to have sex: before or after ovulation. It is known that you have only a small window to get pregnant every month. After you ovulate, the egg survives for only about 24-48 hours. On the other hand sperm is able to survive for 3-5 days.

If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, it is best to have sex 2-3 days before you ovulate to have higher chances of conceiving. You don’t have to wait for ovulation to have sex. The sperm survives more than the egg and for sure you don’t want to miss your chance just because you waited too long.

No calendar method

When trying to conceive a lot of couples think that they should have sex around the 14th day of the woman’s cycle, because this is when she is supposed to ovulate. This is based on the calendar method, but it is possible that you don’t have cycles of 28 days.

Although this method is better when trying to get pregnant than just picking a random day it is still less than accurate. There are a lot of women that don’t ovulate in the middle of their cycle, and this is why it is a lot better to be using an ovulation kit as well, just to be sure.

Fertility charting

This is another tool that some women rely on when they are trying to conceive. It is true that you could use it to track your cycle, but it also has some downsides. By the time you see on the chart that you ovulated, it has already passed. You could use it to see whether you ovulate at the same time every month.


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