Trying To Get Pregnant – Age 30 And Above

Women of 30 years and above who are trying to get pregnant are probably reading and hearing a lot about the difficulties of conception, or carrying the pregnancy to term and the increased possibilities of birth defects.

It is all probably enough to scare any women over age 30 who are trying to get pregnant.

Yes there are more risks associated with a later pregnancy such as miscarriage and difficulty in conceiving; however, one really need not feel apprehensive or scared or at all discouraged.

Rather, it is important to be positive and be in the best health and frame of mind that one can be. There are many things that you can start right away which will not only help you conceive, they will be great for you and your bodily health.

Stop Smoking: If you do smoke, there is no incentive like trying to get pregnant than to kick the habit and the butt! Smoking, apart from a whole host of other ills, also ages your eggs by as much as 10 years. So make up that mind and quit well before you even start trying to get pregnant

Get fit: Obesity increases risk of infertility[infertility problems] and overweight women find it harder to get pregnant than do others. The amount of body fat that you have is connected to the amount of estrogen your body produces and this in turn influences fertility.

Being underweight is also a problem if one is trying to get pregnant, so eat well making sure that your body is getting all the nutrients that it needs, cut out the junk food and get active.

Get into the best physical shape that you can possibly be. That would include straightening out any eating disorder or compulsive exercising as well.

Avoid Stress: Take up mediation or another stress relieving technique if you must but make sure that your stress levels are well within control.

The amount of stress you have goes directly to issues of fertility. Avoid stress not only at work and at home, but also avoid stress about trying to get pregnant.

Understand that it is perfectly fine to take as long as 6 months of trying and not getting pregnant. This is particularly true for women who have been on birth control pill for a while; it takes several menstrual cycles for their hormones to stabilize enough to initiate a pregnancy.

It is important not to get dejected and important not to try too hard to get pregnant. If you are always obsessing about ovulations, basal temperatures and positions and times of getting pregnant, then you are stressing about it way too much. This is actually counterproductive.

Instead, you and your partner should be indulging in the sort of loving intimacy that is an end in itself; not merely the means to reproducing.

So in short, do your body and mind a favor if you’re trying to get pregnant. Eat well, exercise, lower stress levels, indulge in activities that you enjoy and which make you happy!


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