How To Determine That You Are A Month Pregnant?

It is true that the signs of pregnancy may not be clear in early stages and you may be unaware that you are a month pregnant.

However, if you observe your body carefully, you can determine the signs of pregnancy in the very first month because your body informs you the significant changes that occur, when you are 1 month pregnant.

The first sign to be observed if you are a month pregnant is missed menstrual period.
However, absence of menstrual periods on time doesn’t always signify pregnancy rather it can occur due to stress or rapid weight gain or ill health.

This is a sign of pregnancy only for those who have regular periods.

On the other hand, others should look for some more signs to be sure of their pregnancy.

Pregnancy spotting caused by embryo implantation is another indication to observe, as it sometimes misleads you as menstrual period although you are 4 weeks pregnant.

Month Pregnant

Remember that spotting (bleeding) during pregnancy will be very light than normal bleeding.

As said earlier, confirming pregnancy through missed periods is not always the best method. However, there are several other signs to observe in your body in the very first month. It is essential to know that some signs are much more clear than others.

The most common and more obvious sign that everyone can come across is morning sickness. The morning sickness is also known as nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NAV). This kind of sign develops at any time of the day.

One more common indication of being month pregnant is frequent urination. Your body develops this sign only when the uterus places pressure on the bladder.

The body signs you about this symptom before your missed menstrual period when the basal body temperature increases at the time of ovulation. Remember that the increase in basal body temperature even after ovulation process is a very early pregnancy symptom.

Sudden change in taste is also an indication of being month pregnant. It is a sign of pregnancy when you start feeling aversion towards your favorite foods or feel sick immediately after having your favorite meal.

Remember that these reactions in the body can develop even in the first days of your pregnancy. So, it is always good to have pregnancy test at home using pregnancy kit.

Dizziness is another indication of pregnancy in the early stages. Your body develops this sign when the uterus swells and compresses the arteries where the pressure of the blood decreases and causes dizziness.

It also develops due to decreased blood sugar levels through irregular eating patterns.

The other common symptoms that appear when being month pregnant are fatigue and exhaustion, which develops due to hormonal changes in the body.

Remember that there are many other symptoms that cannot confirm pregnancy when they develop alone. Breast tenderness and mood swings are the symptoms that confirm pregnancy when associated with any of the above-mentioned signs.

So, observe your body signs carefully, as it is easiest way to know whether you are month pregnant or not.


  1. I and my hubby are trying for a baby. Last month my period date was 8th(my regular period date) and we had intercourse during 2nd and 3rd week of June. And this month(July) i had no sign of period on 8th i felt happy the i may be pregnand but suddenly 15th of this month morning it started bleeding heavily with pain in pelvic region as regular period. I am confused, why my period is late? am i pregnant or its a regular period?

  2. Most women have miscarriages and don’t know it. Many of them think that its just they’re period about a week late. It sounds more to me like you had a miscarriage, because if it was your regular period, it would have been the day you expected it. About 50% of first time pregnancies end in miscarriage, and like I said, most women don’t know it. It takes a lot of things to go right and only about 1 in 25 pregnancies makes it to full term. Make sure you try the natural ways of conceiving as well, as I know many women who had more luck that way!

  3. This really helped me because I Was experiencing everything but the whole missed period deal..I am 85 percent sure Im pregnant now and will test tomorrow. I hadnt tested positive because I believe it was too early but now that my symptoms have increased and intensity, I believe that I will.

  4. yes i had unpertected sex about 3 4 weeksago an now have been having side craps an headaches craving food an eating way more than usual i get real dizzy when i get up an at night i get Nauses dose that mean im pregnant i dont have money to go to the doc or get a test yet what do i do ?

  5. i had sex about 2 months back on april 27th with protection and when the semen was coming out he took it out and next month on 17th again i was down which was bit early as my date was on 23rd. and now in this month i am still not down.. can this be a sign of pregnancy? please reply me as soon as possible.. ?


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