How To Prepare For A Twin Pregnancy?

A twin pregnancy is no longer rare these days; a couple can opt for an in-vitro fertilization or take medications like Clomid that can help increase sperm cell production and multiple ova maturation.

Twin pregnancies can either be identical or fraternal. Identical twins are exactly alike and of the same sex orientation while fraternal twins do not exactly look alike and may be of different sex orientation.

prepare for a twin pregnancyIf the twin pregnancy was not your choice, here are the possible factors that have caused them: you are 30 to 40 years of age, where studies show an increased incidence of twin pregnancies;

you are of greater height and weight, which means you have the capacity to house more than one infant; you have had several previous pregnancies and yours or your husband’s families have twin pregnancies.

If you are pregnant and not had a diagnostic test to confirm a twin pregnancy, but suspecting one, here is a checklist to help you determine the possibility of it.

  1. You became pregnant via in vitro fertilization or with the aid of medication
  2. You or your husband have twins in the family
  3. You have an extremely big appetite all time of the day
  4. Your weight is way beyond what is expected for your gestation period

To prepare you and your family you must be aware of the first signs of a twin pregnancy like;

  1. Noticeable rapid weight gain and large sized abdomen
  2. Sudden development of anemia
  3. You feel movement all around your abdomen
  4. You hear two distinct heart beats
  5. Pelvic ultrasound confirms the presence of two gestational sacs

Now other than the usual things you need to prepare for a single infant delivery like baby clothes, prenatal records, toiletries, credit card and cash, who and where to go when the day arrives; here are other things you need to have ready before your date of delivery;

  • Be ready earlier than the two weeks expected date of delivery because premature labor is common with twin pregnancies.
  • Express your feelings and concern to your support system (partner, relatives, support group, health provider).
  • Discuss with your Obstetrician regarding options for vaginal delivery and c-section much earlier than the due date.
  • Even if vaginal delivery is possible, you should be prepared physically, emotionally, psychologically even financially for a c-section in case untoward circumstances arise.
  • Discuss early with the family regarding child care.

Being prepared for what is to happen lessen the stress for you and your family giving you more time to prepare for the day of delivery. A less stressed woman also results to a less stressed infant.


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