6 Interesting Baby Shower Games for Ultimate Fun and Frolic

Baby shower event is something very special to the would-be-mom and the event can be made into a very exciting one by adding some interesting game in the schedule. However, the guests invited are from various age groups and interests, thus the games should be planned in a way that attracts all of them and binds into a common liking that will entertain the expecting mother. Chalking out such games isn’t that difficult and you can play some really unique games that you haven’t played before. See the list of funny and interesting baby shower games given below that will keep the party dazzling!

baby shower games

1. Baby Food Category Game

Let each guest have a pen and paper and you chalk out 3-4 categories of food that can be fed to the baby at different ages. Give one minute for each category and then select the winner by checking the most acceptable list of food items. You can give categories like – food products for the newborn, foods for babies that starts with letter N, foods that are green in colour, foods that can be prepared within 10 minutes etc.

2. Drinking Milk from Feeding Bottle

Give each participant one bottle of milk; make sure it’s a cute little feeding bottle and ask them to drink exactly in the way a baby does. The faster player wins the game!

3. Baby Care Listings

Give a paper to each of the guests and ask them to list down all the essential points that should be remembered by the new mom. This list will not only be a good game, but also help the mother to know the important points she should keep in mind after delivery. The longer the list within a fixed time, decides the winner.

4. Baby Songs

Ask the guests to sit in a circle and memorise all baby songs and rhymes. The first participants’ starts a song of her choice and the game continues with one song after the other; make sure that the next song starts with the ending letter of the previous song. This brings a musical addition in the party and who does not like the melodious tunes of childhood!

5. Change diaper Blindfolded

Get one doll for this game, ask the participants and also the would-be-mother to participate in this game. Give one minute and let them change the diaper with a cloth tied onto the eyes. They can’t see anything, but they have to feel the body parts of the baby and set the diaper perfectly. A fun game indeed!

6. Name the Baby Products

Tie a cloth around the eyes of the participant and let her check into a box of baby products filled with shampoos, powders, creams wipes etc. Let her choose the products one by one and quote its approximate price. The player with closest proximity to correct name and price in shortest possible time wins the game.

These games are not only fun-making but also help the mother to spend the party hours amidst sheer cheerfulness and merrymaking. Baby shower games help the expecting mother to gain much knowledge from the participants as some of them are experienced mothers offering firsthand experience!

Photo Credit By: freebies.about.com


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