Tips to Manage 2nd Pregnancy with Toddler

Managing a second pregnancy with a toddler can be really difficult as the early days of pregnancy is known to bring out the worse in all women; as the pregnancy advances, the second trimester can be stable and hassle free, however the last stage is again crucial for mothers.

Between morning sickness and exhaustion, it is really difficult to find time out for your toddler and you possibly already are experiencing sleepless nights. However, there are numerous mothers out there who are managing their pregnancy with a toddler. So what exactly is their secret?

Gone are the days when you could get a nap whenever you wanted as in case of your first pregnancy. With your toddler around, here are few things that can help in better management of your pregnancy:

tips to manage 2nd pregnancy with toddler

Prepare Beforehand

If you know that you feel worse during the morning, then make it up for it during the nights. Some women have pregnancy insomnia and this would be helpful to plan and get things done while you are awake and others are not. You can also cook meals and freeze them so that you have a steady supply of nutritious food to meet your needs of the early days after birth.

Lower your Standard and Expectations

It is not easy to handle pregnancy and more so when you have a toddler. You are nurturing a baby inside and you are growing up another outside and you are not being lazy. If you are feeling exhausted to complete all your tasks in one hand, then ask for help or reduce your work load. The world will not fall apart if a work that you completed in one week, now takes 2 weeks to complete. Stop worrying about how your house will look as the world would not turn upside down if the dusting is not done or if you have to wear un-ironed clothes for a few weeks.

Keep your Toddler Engaged

Earlier you might have asked your child not to watch the television. It is time to revise your thinking. Turn the TV on when you feel a wave of nausea coming or you simply can rest for some time as your toddler enjoys baby music videos on TV. There are other ways of keeping your toddlers engaged and you as a mother know the best.

Utilize your Resources

The first resource that you have is of course your partner and your partner is probably already helping you a lot but do not shy away from asking for more help if you need. Family and friends can help too and there are other ways of asking for help as well. You can also consider hiring maid services.

It is important that you make your toddler aware about the new family member who is about to come and make the toddler aware of the fact that the baby is interested in him or her. Involve your toddler in games with the baby bump.


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