Pre Conceptual Sex Selection – By Diet?

There is a claim made that parents can choose the sex of their child by virtue of their diet prior to conception of a child taking place.

It does sound ridiculous and this is highly controversial in places such as India and China where aborting female fetuses and even female infanticide is still common, however it is suggested that a theory originally propounded by Dr. Stolwoski and Dr. Lorrain may have some

According to one proponent of something called ionic equilibrium, a modification of the four basic elements in our diet; i.e. sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium two months before the planned conception, followed by a specific time period for intercourse in the target cycle is supposed to yield results. The ‘treatment’, it is claimed is safe and free from side effects.

So how does this seemingly unbelievable sounding theory work? Well the claim is that when a diet is high in calcium and magnesium and at the same time low in potassium and sodium, there is greater chance of the female egg attracting the sperm that will result in the conception of a female child rather than a male child.

Conversely a diet high in potassium and sodium and low in magnesium and calcium is supposed to yield the opposite result, because then the ovum will attract sperm resulting in a male child.

There are several criticisms for this practice: while some medical practitioners have dismissed such as claim in its entirety, others have actually criticized the moral, social and ethical implications of such as practice.

In countries like India and China, the male child is much sought after. In china, even state policies, such as the one child policy permit a second child only if the first child is female.

Policies such as these and the rampant female feticide in places such as India make is a result of a badly skewed sex ratio, where boys outnumber girls very significantly.

In such a situation when gender selection is presented as an option, it is a worrying, because if effective, it is likely to further skew the sex ratio. If ineffective then it is just one more con perpetrated upon a gullible populace.

Arguments trotted out in favor of this therapy are that these are offered only to those who don’t already have a child of the same sex or in the case of families where there may be the apprehension of conceiving a child with genetic disorder due to sex chromosome linked disorders.

Would you condone sex selection? What are the moral dilemmas that you would face if so?


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