Pregnancy Planning – Three Steps to Be Ready for the Baby

Getting pregnant is an exciting time for most couples and it is also miraculous.

However, there is a lot of pregnancy planning that is required, both beforehand and during the pregnancy. This will help to ensure the baby is born healthy and that the home and your lives are ready for it.

Pregnancy planning step 1 – The early stages

You will need to start a pregnancy plan very early on, especially to help you determine the due date of your baby. Take some time to work out your ovulation cycle so you can maximize the chances of getting pregnant. Use an ovulation calendar to help you with this and remember to take your basal temperature.pregnancy planning

It is very important that your body is ready for the pregnancy, which means that you will need to start a healthy eating and fitness pregnancy plan.

This will also help to ensure a good and shorter delivery, while also helping you develop a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Stock up on prenatal vitamins and talk to your doctor.

Pregnancy planning step 2 – During the pregnancy

If you have gotten to this stage, congratulations! Unfortunately, the hard work does not stop there. You will need to continue with the healthy eating and the fitness.

Just remember that you need to think about a second person now so find out more about the amount of exercise that you can do; if in doubt, talk to your doctor or midwife.

You will need to start reading books as part of your plan for pregnancy. This will help you know what to expect during the next nine months.

Consider downloading a pregnancy calculator or have alerts sent to your emails so you can find out more about the size of your baby and the symptoms that you will have. There are a number of sites that will also include tips for the dad, so keep them in mind.

Pregnancy planning step 3 – Get the home ready

It is not just you and your partner that need to be ready for the baby; the home will need to be too. Take some time make sure that everything is baby proofed – really, this means everything.

Think about the toilet seat, the fridge and the plugs, among many other things. There are companies that have baby proofers, which is something worth considering to help cut down the amount you have to do.

Get the nursery prepared. Watch out with paint fumes as they can be toxic – always a good excuse to have the dad do it all for you. Get the items like a baby bath, crib and car seat prepared before the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

Do not forget to take some time to yourself. Pregnancy planning is time consuming and tiring – and pregnancy is tiring enough as it is. Do not be ashamed to put your feet up or take a nap in the middle of the day – your body and your baby will appreciate the time to rest and recuperate.


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