How to Handle Bloating in Early Pregnancy?

It is a must to experience the symptoms of pregnancy when being pregnant. There are some more common symptoms, such as morning sickness but you will also experience bloating in early pregnancy. There are many different ways in which this symptom could manifest.

Weight gain and early pregnancy bloating

During pregnancy the majority of women gain about 25-35 pounds. Your doctor can give you more accurate information on how much weight you are supposed to gain. It is very important to have foods filled with nutrients and even though you may gain little weight, you could still have problems with bloating.

Bloating in Early PregnancyLarger uterus

When it comes to early pregnancy bloating, it is possible that the feeling of fullness is caused simply by the enlarged uterus.

During the early stages, the uterus is relatively large compared to the size of the fetus. Two weeks after conception the uterus starts to expand and in 8 weeks, you could already show your pregnancy.

It is a known fact regarding bloating in early pregnancy that the women who were pregnant before start to show their pregnancy earlier and this means that they can be affected by the feeling of bloating faster than other women.


Besides the other symptoms along with early pregnancy bloating, it is also likely that pregnant women are affected by constipation, leading to a sensation of bloating.

This is caused by the hormones that slow down the movement of food in the stomach and in the intestines.

To make the bloating in early pregnancy better make sure that you have a diet rich in cellulose fibers, such as vegetables, whole grain bread and fruits. Besides these also have plenty of water.

There is no real need to use laxatives. You should talk to your doctor before taking any kinds of supplements.


If you are thinking about early pregnancy bloating, you may also consider the result – gas. When dealing with problems of this kind you should consider eating smaller pieces of food and trying to chew the food more thoroughly. This way less air will get into your stomach.

There are some foods that women should rather avoid regarding bloating in early pregnancy, like fried foods, corn, sweet desserts, turnips, cauliflower, cakes, cabbage, broccoli and naturally, beans. It also helps to have smaller meals but to eat more frequently. The over the counter remedies could help.


In case women are affected by early pregnancy bloating, there are some things that they could do, and one of the most important things is to select the food carefully that they have. It is important for them to consume prunes, cereals, prune juice, fruits and green vegetables.

When it comes to constipation caused by bloating in early pregnancy, some exercises, such as yoga could help because they increase bowel movement. Fluid and water intake also help with gas and indigestion. In case the bloating is caused by irritable bowel syndrome, women should avoid fats and oils.

When being affected by early pregnancy bloating it may also be helpful to sleep in a slightly elevated position. This is because this way the acid cannot get into the esophagus and women won’t be affected by heartburn. Although all this may be bothersome, bloating is something natural.

Still if the bloating in early pregnancy gets worse and it gets accompanied by pain and cramping in the stomach, you should make sure to talk to your doctor about your symptoms to get a diagnosis and to receive some kind of treatment to, because suffering this way isn’t something normal and you shouldn’t be suffering in silence.


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