Couvade Syndrome Means “WE Are Pregnant!”

Many couples talk using the plural when announcing a pregnancy. This is the result of a more than natural psychological syndrome present all over in the natural world.

couvade syndromeThe men suffer the same symptoms and signs associated with pregnancy from the morning sickness to getting fat simultaneously with their pregnant partner.

Almost 80% of the future daddies experience this situation first hand as a result of the Couvade Syndrome.

The syndrome was first discovered in the 19th century when the scientists observed certain habits present at the partners of the pregnant women, regardless the social status they had.

The conclusion was that this behavior comes as the result of a simple human instinct rather that a social or traditional practice.

Why does this happen? Men all over the world have asked themselves and the doctors the very same question.

The hypothesis says that this is the way men adapt to the created situation. Worrying about the safety and the health of their partner can also be a trigger for the syndrome. The men feel empathy for the future mom and this combines with the fact that they assume their fatherhood role can help them relate.

Another motif can be the fact that the men of today have a bigger access to the information regarding pregnancy and this makes them more aware to all the changes happening to their partner.

Some studies conducted around 2002 stated that from psychological point of view, the men can feel a bit frustrated during their partner’s pregnancy.

The society tends to protect the future mom, overwhelm her with attention and care. If part of a large family or a close community, the male partner can fill a bit stranded.

Men can experience very contradictive feelings, feelings that they would rather not share with their partner in order not to worry her. They frustration can trigger the signs of the syndrome too.

Today’s future daddies are active players during pregnancy. They are present everywhere from the pre-birth checkups, ultrasound exams to Lamaze classes. Being so close to the scene, there is no wonder they tend to act like they know the part.


  1. What a wonderful studies. Now I know science call it NPS or Natural Psychological Syndrome. I also agree with these finding. Men are really become more conscious with their wives. They seems to feel the pain and agony of pregnancy.


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