Difference Between Pregnancy and Period Symptoms

Pregnancy and periods are two different phases in the life of a woman. Even though there is a vast difference between the two, the symptoms and signs of both may be similar and may hence create confusion.

In a lot of cases, women tend to mistake one for the other and this can lead to confusion and surprise. Therefore, it is really important to know these differences and distinguish between the two symptoms. The following are some major differences between the two which you must be aware of:

difference between pregnancy and period symptoms

  • The first major difference between pregnancy and period symptoms is the severity or intensit Every female must be aware of and conscious of the changes in her body during and before her periods. If a woman knows what to expect, she might be able to differentiate between pregnancy and period symptoms. The intensity of the symptoms may be vastly different and noticeable. Pregnancy signs are more severe and much more exhausting than that of periods.
  • Some women feel tired and nauseated before their periods but this only tends to worsen when pregnancy knocks and this is another major difference between the two. During the first trimester some women feel very nauseated and feel like puking all the time. They even feel very tired and fatigued.  Some women during both the times have sensations of irritation or anxiety. One should be able to tell the difference between these symptoms.
  • Body temperature of the body also rises considerably after ovulation if a woman has conceived or is about to conceive. If a woman is expecting then this rise would be maintained for at least a fortnight. This is a major difference between the two phases since during periods, this rise in body temperature is not too drastic and may last only for a short period of time. Moreover, in the case of periods, this difference in body temperature won’t be consistent.
  • Women also experience mood swings during pregnancy which can be different from the mood swings that she experiences when she is going through her periods. Mood swings in pregnancy are very severe but this is not the case in the case of
  • Food cravings as well as food aversions are a unique way to identify or spot a pregnancy. During pregnancy, a female may either become unusually attracted to certain foods or may just be averted from food items that she earlier used to like. But this is not the case during periods and is hence one of the best ways to differentiate between the symptoms of both.
  • One feels an increased need to urinate during early pregnancy but this is not the case during periods and is yet another difference in the two.

Besides these there are many other symptoms which vary from one woman to another which may help them to distinguish between periods or pregnancy. Knowing your body well and its associated symptoms would be the best way to avoid any type of confusion.


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