Feel Like a Whale? Crave Popcorn? This is Normal

While it is true that pregnancy is beautiful and a round belly testifying to a mother nurturing new life even more so; it is also true that women can feel big, and ungainly and awkward during pregnancy, particularly in the later part of it.

pregnancy symptomsStrange cravings are also very much part for the course as celebrity mom-to-be, Natalie Portman freely confessed of late.

Portman was recently in the news for saying that she doesn’t want to go about in public looking like a whale.

So apparently it isn’t just us the lesser mortals; the beautiful people can also feel huge and ungainly as the baby belly gets bigger, balance becomes an issue and you basically stop being able to see your toes!

Portman also wants to stay in bed eating popcorn and watching TV for the rest of her pregnancy.

Granted that women can feel whale-like when big with child, but staying in bed with popcorn would have to be a no-no.

For one calorie laden, salty snacks that are devoid of any nutrition (not just popcorn but most processed foods) are not a good idea in pregnancy. Also inactivity is a bad idea, it is a good idea to be as active as possible during pregnancy.


  1. Pregnancy is the situation, in which feelings of a woman changes, her heart, mind and soul all diverted towards unborn. So having a big abdomen is all time indicator that you are pregnant.
    So enjoy your pregnancy and enjoy your most precious days of your life.
    My advice is Don’t take too rest, and Don’t over tired your self, you can go for very light exercises. Dont go for too much salt, hydrated your self…


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