What Are the First Month Pregnancy Symptoms?

Most women will not know that they are pregnant during the first month. In fact, the first two weeks of “pregnancy” is when you are conceiving – you will not actually be pregnant.

However, there are some first month pregnancy symptoms to look out for before you realize that you have missed your period.

First month pregnancy symptoms 1: Cramping

This is common among many women but there are high chances that they are mistaken for the normal menstrual cramps. The problem is that they do occur around about the same time that most period pains attach.Morning sickness

These pains are nothing to worry about. It is due to the embryo attaching to the uterus and is known as an implantation bleeding.

There may also be pains around the same time of the pregnancy and during the early stages, which is due to the muscles stretching to get ready for the baby that will be growing there.

First month pregnancy symptoms 2: Spotting

This is another very common symptom that occurs when you are 1 month pregnant. Many women will experience it around the time that their period is due and it will seem like a very light period. The spotting is usually brown or pink and is called an implantation bleed.

There should not be any pain associated with this bleed and it will often be too light for any sanitary towels to pick up. If it does get heavy and becomes red, in color, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

First month pregnancy symptoms 3: Fatigue

This is something that most women will feel during the first and third trimesters and is often one of the first symptoms of pregnancy to appear. There are chances that you will want to nap during the day or struggle to wake up on a morning.

This happens because the body is doing so much. There is a new life growing inside, even if it cannot be seen on an ultrasound, and this means that your body needs to do a lot more work. Because of this, you will feel fatigued during the day. There is nothing wrong with this; just take some time to rest and enjoy the time that you will get to yourself – in nine months you will wish that you took up the chance to have a catnap.

First month pregnancy symptoms 4: Morning sickness

This is something that not all expectant mothers suffer from and you may be one of the lucky few. In fact, between 15 and 30 percent of pregnancies will not be riddled with the feeling of nausea in the early stages.

This is something that will usually hit around pregnancy week six but there are some that will find it hits around week four and is often noticed before a missed period.

All of the early pregnancy symptoms will come across as being for something else and do not necessarily mean that you are expecting a baby. The tell-tale sign is the first missed period. However, there are chances that you do not know your cycle or have lost track of when you are due, which is when you will need to keep an eye out for these early warnings.

If you do suspect anything, take a home pregnancy test and wait for the results. If you are pregnant then see your doctor to get the correct care for this enjoyable time.


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