For Many Pregnant Women, Sexual Desire Does Not Diminish

Recent research on the subject has shown that for most pregnant women, interest in sex does not diminish in the first and second trimesters.

It is seen that women may have less sex as their pregnancy progresses which could be due to a variety of reasons, but it isn’t as if they enjoy the experience any less.

A study carried out in Lisbon, Portugal where women between the ages 17 to 40 were asked to answer questions posed by a questionnaire. The study found that;pregnancy

  • Nearly half the women surveyed (about 44 per cent) said that it was the first trimester when the most frequent sexual intercourse took place
  • About a third of those polled (little over 35 per cent) said that it was the second trimester when they had the most frequent sex.
  • Only 10 per cent of the women reported to having the most sexual activity during the last trimester
  • As many as 55 percent of the women polled said that at the point of the third trimester and throughout the period of the last three months, sex decreased
  • As many as 80 percent were having sex even during the later stage of pregnancy, with 40 percent having had sex in the birth week.

Source: HealthDay


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