Irregular Periods and Getting Pregnant

The irregular periods and getting pregnant may be difficult to handle, but if you don’t want to have kids you should be happy that you don’t get your periods as often as other women and you don’t have to put up with the symptoms that other women have to put up with.

Information about pregnancy and irregular menstruation

It is true that the women who have shorter menstruation cycles are a bit annoyed because of this fact. Although it is a bit more comfortable to have longer menstrual cycles, women usually don’t realize that this way they could have problems when they want to have babies.

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy

When you are thinking about irregular periods and pregnancy it may be a good idea to track your cycles.

You aren’t the only woman fighting with problems of this kind. About one third of all women have irregular periods at some point of their lives. The most common causing factor is stress.

Stress has a huge effect on irregular periods and getting pregnant. You don’t only have to think about financial problems, but also family responsibilities, turbulent times at your workplace and there are some other stress factors too.

This is what you have to consider when you want to get pregnant.

In other cases, something else to think about regarding pregnancy and irregular menstruation is having a wrong nutrition, too much exercise or some kind of vitamin deficiency. The women who have been taking birth control pills could also have irregular periods for some time.

The truth about irregular periods and pregnancy is that not every woman who has irregular periods also has problems with getting pregnant. Nonetheless if you have been trying for some time with no success, there are some things that you could do.

What to do?

It is a well-known fact regarding irregular periods and getting pregnant that the menstrual cycles are regulated by hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones are crucial for implantation and fertilization so you should also make sure that you don’t have hormonal imbalances.

The hormones make ovulation happen, and if you have to think about pregnancy and irregular menstruation, it means that ovulation doesn’t take place as it should. If this is the case you should get ovulation kits and check your ovulation regularly to see if it happens.

Although it’s not a must for ovulation to be linked with irregular periods, in many cases there is a connection when it comes to irregular periods and pregnancy. If you have been using ovulation kits for some time and you see that you simply don’t ovulate, you should visit your doctor.

There are different kinds of conditions that make people think about irregular periods and getting pregnant such as PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and some others. In case you are affected by one of these conditions, it is better to know as soon as you can to take some measures.

It is true regarding pregnancy and irregular menstruation that ovulation could be triggered by different kinds of medication like Clomid. Still it is possible that the problem can be solved by simpler measures, such as vitamins, progesterone creams, or different kinds of herbs that are meant to improve fertility.

Due to the modern technology used in case of irregular periods and pregnancy there is a lot to do. It is important for women not to panic but to start looking for different ways to make the situation better. It may be useful to talk to a fertility specialist. He or she has more information on the matter than any other specialist.


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