Find Out: Is Cramping Normal During Early Pregnancy

There are a lot of women asking is cramping normal during early pregnancy.

This is a symptom that can be quite concerning. The symptom can be severe or mild. It could be something entirely natural or a sign that there is something wrong. Cramping could have different causes.

Is Cramping Normal During Early Pregnancy

Implantation cramping in early pregnancy

There are some women who experience cramping when the fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus. This usually takes place eight to ten days after ovulation. If you already have a positive pregnancy test, you shouldn’t experience implantation cramping. On the other hand, you could find out that you are pregnant shortly after the cramping.

Stretching uterus

Early pregnancy cramping can also be experienced because the uterus stretches and grows to be able to accommodate the baby. The ligaments supporting the uterus will have to stretch. You are supposed to feel these changes under the form of cramping in the early stages.


In case the light cramping in early pregnancy is accompanied by spotting or bleeding, it is possible that you are faced with a miscarriage. Miscarriages are the most common during the first trimester. If it happens, you should know that it’s not your fault and there is nothing you could have done.

Ectopic pregnancy

If you experience cramping that is slight in early pregnancy you should know that it could be an ectopic pregnancy which is a serious problem. It means that the egg that was fertilized gets implanted outside the uterus instead of the inside. If this happens the cramping is also accompanied by abdominal pain and spotting.

Other causes

There are some other causes of early pregnancy light cramping that are entirely normal. These include gas pains and constipation. It is good to know that constipation is another common symptom of pregnancy that could lead to an uncomfortable feeling of cramping.

Late pregnancy

While the early pregnancy slight cramping could seem to be scary, you should know that the cramping experienced during late pregnancy is even scarier. One of the causes of cramping is round ligament pain. This usually appears during the second or third trimester. This happens because the ligaments have to stretch to support the uterus.

Another reason to think about cramping like light cramping in pregnancy is preterm labor. Even back pain and diarrhea could be indicators of preterm labor. Such situations usually arise during the third trimester and there is supposed to be a trigger that starts the cramps.

When thinking about pregnancy cramping, you also have to consider the Braxton Hicks contractions. These appear during the second and third trimester and they are considered to be practice contractions that prepare the body for labor. Often women mistake these contractions for the real labor contractions.

In the majority of the cases if you are faced with slight cramping in early pregnancy, you don’t have to get alarmed. However if the cramping doesn’t disappear and it is accompanied by spotting or bleeding too, you should contact your health care provider to make sure that everything is alright.


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