Molar Pregnancy Symptoms – Find Out More About Them

If you are interested in molar pregnancy symptoms, you should know that this is a kind of pregnancy during which the fertilized egg becomes a growth known as a mole instead of a normal embryo.

However women could still present the regular pregnancy symptoms.

Even though you have the normal signs at the beginning, later the symptoms of molar pregnancy also appear, such as bleeding and other symptoms that tell you something is wrong.

If you get the right treatment, most probably the molar pregnancy won’t have long time effects.

Molar Pregnancy SymptomsHow do you recognize the signs of molar pregnancy?

As signs, spotting and bleeding could occur after you have the regular symptoms. This could have a reddish or brownish color and it could be intermitted or continuous, heavy or light. Such a bleeding starts around the 6th week and lasts until the 12th.

Typical and not typical pregnancy symptoms

In some cases, the molar pregnancy symptoms also include vomiting and nausea, abdominal swelling, and abdominal cramping all because the uterus is growing at a faster pace than it should be.

In some cases women are affected by preeclampsia before they reach the middle of their pregnancy.

Nonetheless this one of the molar pregnancy signs develops only rarely. With the help of the ultrasound, it is easy for the doctors to spot such pregnancies even before preeclampsia has the chance to develop.

Since it is one of the molar pregnancy symptoms, you may see that it is important to call your doctor as soon as you notice any kind of spotting or bleeding that seems to be out of place. It’s not a must for them to sign a molar pregnancy, but most probably you will have an ultrasound to rule out the possibility.

Ultrasound and hCG testing

In the same time, if you see the warning signs of molar pregnancy you should also have a blood test to measure the hCG (or human chorionic gonadotropin) levels. If you have a pregnancy of this kind, the ultrasound will show several cysts in the shape of a cluster of grapes and the hCG levels will be above normal.


If you are faced with the molar pregnancy symptoms, you will need D&C or suction curettage in order to get rid of the abnormal tissue. For the procedure to take place, you could have anesthesia, but you could also receive the sedative intravenously.

Abortion like procedure

In order to make the molar pregnancy warning signs go away, the doctor will insert a speculum in the vagina. This will help clean the vagina and help dilate the cervix. Then he or she inserts a thin tube in the cervix and removes the tissue through gentle suction. In the end, he or she will use a spoon shaped instrument to clear the rest of the tissue that has remained on the walls of the uterus.

You have to know that experiencing the molar pregnancy symptoms isn’t the end of the world. In spite of what you might believe, you could have a perfectly normal pregnancy in the future if you want to.


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