Experiencing Pregnancy Symptoms After Missed Abortion

If you are wondering about the pregnancy symptoms after missed abortion you should know that this is a kind of miscarriage that can be horrible for women.

The symptoms that the miscarriage has are ambiguous so women may not be aware that their pregnancy has ended.

Pregnancy Symptoms After Missed Abortion


A missed abortion means that the body doesn’t expel the pregnancy tissue after the pregnancy has ended for weeks, even though the fetus isn’t alive anymore. This is why in many cases women don’t even know that their baby died. 80% of such miscarriages take place in the first trimester.

The missed abortion pregnancy symptoms

Some of the symptoms include a reduction or the lack of pregnancy symptoms, like nausea, fatigue and breast tenderness. If you have an ultrasound the sonographer may notice that there are no fetal heart tones. You could also have a vaginal discharge that is brown but that later becomes bright red.

Keep in mind regarding the pregnancy symptoms after missed abortion that they can be quite confusing. Sometimes women go on having the pregnancy symptoms like nausea and fatigue even though they had a miscarriage. This is because the placenta is still inside and it goes on producing hormones.

Since you are seeing the pregnancy signs after missed abortion and the pregnancy hormone levels are still high, if you take a pregnancy test you will have a positive result and you might be thinking that everything is fine. The discharge doesn’t always appear right after the miscarriage took place, so this can be deceiving as well.

Causes of the pregnancy symptoms after missed abortion

The truth is that the specialists don’t really know why the miscarriages take place. Nonetheless in the majority of the cases it is about a genetic problem that the sperm or the egg has. Besides this there are some other factors as well, such as the immune system problems and infections that make the miscarriages even more likely.

When thinking about the signs of pregnancy after missed abortion you should know that as the years go by you have higher chances of having a miscarriage because the quality of the eggs deteriorates. The good news is that only about 1% of all pregnancies end with a miscarriage.

It is good to look out for the pregnancy symptoms after missed abortion to be prepared for what’s coming. Being informed can help you cope better with the situation.


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