Preparing for the Coming Baby – A Comprehensive Guide

A woman experiencing pregnancy for 40 weeks give a complete new experience – be it pain, restlessness, happiness, inquisitiveness about the baby and the life coming thereafter. However, the family plays an equally important role in planning the coming of the new member. You should start planning strategically and practically for the little one as huge alterations and new additions are required for the baby. You must already have started seeing the gynaecologist, popping up vitamins, and making the nursery ready; however we have jotted down some essentials that are important to be catered to in order to welcome the baby home –

tips to prepare for a baby

1. Health Insurance Covering Child

Check with the insurance giver and see that he will include your child in the insurance coverage. Health troubles are common issues of any newborn that can cost you a fortune, thus be practical and verify this aspect before welcoming your new bundle of joy. Even if the health insurance plan does not cover the health expenses of the child, try to customise it for the upcoming responsibility.

2. Decide about the Time Giving Factor

Most of the expecting mommies continue working till the third trimester if she does not face any complications; but now it’s time to decide whether you want to stay home or continue working. Suppose you can manage the child bearing costs and home front with the income of your spouse, then you can give a thought of quitting job for few years and then join back when your kid is self sufficient. Or else, you will have to opt for childcare.

3. Restrict your Lifestyle

This is one of the vital things you should ponder on while you are expecting a baby at home. No more nightclubs, weekend parties, movies every alternate day or swaying with the youth club. Of course, this does not mean that parenting means a halt to all the fun days; all you need is to restrict and get mentally prepared that the baby is your world now.

Rearing the child to a decent and good human being should be the prime focus of your life now. Instead of spending tons of money behind restaurant, shopping and unnecessary things, you should be starting a fixed routine for expenditure as coming of the baby brings a certain amount of budget hike as well.

4. Hospital Bag

Confirm with the hospital if they will allow your belongings; if yes then pack your bag while you are in the last trimester as you never know when your labor might start. Include a pair of pyajamas, loose, front open tops, nursing bra, a pair of socks, slippers, diapers, and wipes for the baby. Rest of the things you would be provided. If you have your cell with you then remember to carry the charger. Some additional items can be your favourite books or magazines, lip balm, your musical device, and a small little pillow for the little one.

There are many more things that should be considered while you are preparing for the entry of a child in home, like buying a car seat for the child, crib, making a cosy little nursery space, arranging a child care taker, deciding on the paediatrician, follow up a diary with all emergency contact numbers and jot down the ‘TO DO’ list when you are back home from hospital. Make sure all the child belongings are thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic solution.

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