Does Reading to Your Baby Help When They are in the Womb?

Reading to your baby even before he or she is born may sound weird or funny but experts are of opinion that it is recommended. This might sound strange because we all know that a new born baby cannot distinguish words up to the age of 3 months at least then how can an unborn foetus be benefitted with reading?

reading to unborn baby

Can an Unborn Child Understand Words?

Reading to an unborn child does not mean that the foetus will learn the language or words in the womb. However a foetus which is 16-18 weeks old will be able to hear sounds through the layers of body fat and fluids of the mother’s body that separates it from the real world. At about 22-24 weeks the foetus can also distinguish different sounds.

The mother’s voice is the most often heard voice and the foetus is always hearing that. Gradually it starts recognizing the words of others around the mother. After being born it is the sound of words spoken by all these people that reassures and soothes the child as he or she had heard these sounds right from the time it was in the womb.

This is the reason that it is recommended that you read to your baby when it is still in the womb. The songs, stories or rhymes that you read out to the baby in your womb will be recognized by the foetus. After it is born the baby will find comfort in the new surroundings through the sound and rhythm of these same words.

Bond with your Baby

Reading is the best way to bond with your child whether it is after the child is born and is sitting on your lap to listen to your stories, or it is before he or she is born. Imagine your child in the womb as you read out from a book to it. Stroke your belly at times, hold it to connect with the growing baby inside your womb. Involve your partner, the father of the baby to also share these reading sessions with you. The baby in your womb will learn to distinguish the loving voice of the father too.

Are the Babies who were read to in the Womb, more Intelligent?

The intelligence quotient is dependent on a lot of factors including the genes that the child will be born with. Therefore reading out heavy medical journals will not make a doctor out of your baby. However there is seen some positive indication that the linguistic skills of a child who had been read to while still in the womb is pronounced.

This is because the familiar sounds of the words that the child had heard in the womb become easily recognizable to the child when he is born. So, language is learnt faster by such babies.

What Should be Read to the Baby in the Womb?

You may read out any children’s story or rhyme to your unborn baby. Just ensure that your voice is smooth and modulated so that the baby hears soothing frequencies and connects with the sound of your voice.

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