Symptoms of Implantation IVF

IVF or In Vitro fertilization is a method through which an egg is fertilized by the sperms outside of a woman’s body. This is a method which is used to induce pregnancy in the case of infertility when all the other techniques and methods have failed. In this process of IVF, the ovulatory process of a woman is first monitored, and then the ovum from her ovaries is removed so that the sperms can fertilize it in a fluid medium. If this process is successful, then the woman gets pregnant and there are many symptoms of implantation IVF which can be looked out for. The following are a few of these common signs:

Symptoms of Implantation IVF

  • After the IVF treatment takes place, it may take two weeks before the signs and symptoms of pregnancy might start showing. Thus atleast 2 weeks time period must have passed by before you start looking for the signs and indications of a positive pregnancy.
  • Cramping in the abdomen region is a common sign which indicates positive pregnancy after the IVF process is completed.
  • Another sign of implantation IVF is a tightening feeling in the abdomen. Another feeling which one might experience in the abdomen is a feeling of a twinge.
  • Some women also experience a headache, which might be a sign of positive implantation IVF but only when it is accompanied by some other symptoms. The headache could also possibly result from other reasons such as medications etc.
  • Vaginal discharge and some light spotting are also indicators of a positive pregnancy after the IVF treatment has been performed. But the vaginal discharge should be white in colour and minimal in quantity.
  • Night sweats is another symptom of implantation in Vitro Fertilization.
  • Changes in the Basal body temperature could also mean that you have become pregnancy due to the IVF treatment. Generally there is a dip in the BBT in the first two weeks after the in vitro fertilization. But in some cases, the BBT might also show an increase.
  • Feeling of nausea or vomiting which is also referred to as morning sickness is a definite sign of a positive pregnancy in women who have selected the option of IVF. This sickness might not particularly occur in the morning but all through the day.
  • A feeling of extreme fatigue is another sign of an induced pregnancy in women.

It is important to know that some women do not experience any of these symptoms and are still pregnant.


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