5 Tips to Buy Lingerie When Pregnant

Pregnancy brings along with it several physical changes in a female’s body. Not only does the belly starts protruding out but even other parts of the body such as the arms, the breasts, the legs and the shoulders increase a little in size, depending upon the weight you gain. Keeping this in mind, pregnant women need new clothes which are relatively larger in size. Apart from clothes, you will also need a whole new set of lingerie for the time of pregnancy. But before buying lingerie when pregnant, you need to know some important tips which will help you make the right lingerie purchasing decisions. So read on:

Tips to Buy Lingerie

  1. The first tip to buy lingerie during pregnancy is to know your exact breast measurements.  The milk ducts in the breasts start to develop soon after you get pregnant and hence you must waste no time in buying the right pair of bras. Apart from this, you may also need to purchase new panties, but the panty size may or may not change that early into pregnancy. If you are unable to measure yourself properly at home, take help of a sales woman at the lingerie store.
  2. One great tip to buy lingerie during pregnancy is to avoid any kind of a wired bra.  Since your bust size is ever changing during those nine months, wired bras will make you restrictive and you won’t be able to fully utilize them for long. Moreover, these bras get very uncomfortable if they are even a little bit tight.  If the bra is too small for you, the wire will start digging in and hurt you.  Infact, this can even make it difficult for your milk ducts to grow so wired bras are a big no-no during pregnancy.
  3. The bra you buy must be able to support the weight of your growing bust properly and hence you can also ask the sales woman to show you specially constructed pregnancy bras or maternity bras.  These bras are not only comfortable but fit exactly according to your size.
  4. Many pregnant women make the mistake of buying bigger bras without really trying them on and try to make use of them for all the nine months. This doesn’t solve the problem in any way and will make it difficult for you to get the shape of the clothes you wear right. You may need to change your lingerie a few times during pregnancy and there is no way to avoid this.
  5. During pregnancy, due to your increasing size the clothes can become a little fitted and this will leave no room for your bra to breathe. This can further cause sweating and hence you must avoid buying lacy or silk bras. The safest option is to go for cotton bras and panties as they do not stick or cling to your body and are also very comfortable during pregnancy.  Make sure that you curb the temptation to buy ‘fashion bras’ and rather go for something more practical.


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