5 Tips to Survive Pregnancy with a Toddler

Pregnancy is a beautiful but challenging experience and is one phase in life which might be difficult for most to pass through. This phase becomes even more challenging if you already have a toddler in tow, not big enough to take care of his own.

But a creative and smart management program can help you survive pregnancy with a toddler if you think ahead and plan things accordingly. The following are the 5 tips to survive pregnancy with a toddler:

survive pregnancy with a toddler

1. The first trimester comes with its many sets of challenges , one of them being morning sickness. If you are feeling the effects of this problem, then with a toddler, it may be difficult for you to handle yourself even more. Thus it is important to do everything you can to prevent and deal with this issue. Make sure you avoid hunger and indulge in eating frequent, small meals. To avoid the feeling of nausea, eat simple food items like pasta, bread, cereal and crackers and this works well also because even your toddler can share these foods with you.

2. Getting rest during pregnancy with a toddler by your side can be difficult. Chasing your little one all day can cause fatigue to hit you fast and hence it is very important to give importance to rest. Make sure you take a nap when your toddler is taking his and try to go to bed a little sooner than you do otherwise.

3. Make sure you don’t completely ignore your toddler and his needs for taking care of the one in your womb. As the months progress, you may slow down but the key is to keep yourself active and play with your toddler to bond with him during this time. Make sure you spend enough time with him and do all the activities that you love doing together like reading, watching cartoons, drawing and playing.

4. If possible, you can keep a baby sitter or a care taker for a few months during pregnancy. This will help you deal with the toddler well, while taking care of your own self as well. You can hand over the extra duties of the house like cleaning to the housekeeper so that you can get time to spend with your toddler and to take care of the baby in the womb.

5. Teach your toddler the importance of sharing so that when the baby comes, he can adjust with him better. Tell him about the new member who is going to join you to keep him involved.

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