Top 10 Pregnancy Preparedness Tips to Be in Tip-Top Shape : An Essential Guide for Women

Whether it’s your first, second or third pregnancy, there is such a novelty to the experience that both you and your partner will marvel at as parents. If you’re already parents, remember that each pregnancy is unique in its own way, so it helps to plan pregnancy every step of the way.

On the other hand, if you are a first-time parent, you might have already read every guidebook that expecting mothers usually pore over – but there are still some practical pregnancy tips that you need to keep in mind.

Therefore, the number of children that you’ve already had doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that you need to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and even financially before giving birth to your child.

Read on to find out what pregnancy tips you need to keep in mind, as well as everything else in between that a mother-to-be needs to know regarding her pregnancy.

Enumerating the Top 10 Pregnancy Preparedness Tips & Everything Else In-Between that Every Mother-to-Be Needs to Know

So what are the top 10 pregnancy tips that you need to keep in mind about pregnancy preparedness? Here is a list of things that you should remember and prepare for in order to have a successful pregnancy:

pregnancy tips1. Be aware of the changes in your body.

The minute that you see the positive sign on that home pregnancy test kit, that is the time you will start being aware of the changes in your body.

As the child in your womb grows from its first to its third trimester, your body will undergo specific changes – and this is something that you should be prepared for.

During the first trimester, you are bound to experience morning sickness, vomiting and a feeling of being ill. This is usually a result of the hormonal changes that your body is undergoing – and it’s a perfectly natural result of being pregnant.

During the second trimester, you would have already accustomed to the life growing inside of you and weight gain is something that you should be prepared for.

Finally, the third trimester is when you will feel most uncomfortable as the weight in your belly grows bigger and bigger until the time that you will actually give birth.

2. Do away with any ‘nasty’ habit that you may have.

One of the important pregnancy tips, make sure to do away with any nasty habits that you may have. If you smoke, quit if you don’t want to suffer consequences during your pregnancy.

Smoking while pregnant may lead to miscarriage, bleeding or if you successfully carry your baby onto its third trimester, it might be premature or underweight [Smoking during pregnancy].

Another habit that you should not indulge in while pregnant is the intake of alcohol. Taking illegal drugs is even more of a no-no.

pregnancy plan3. Be physically prepared.

One of the best pregnancy tips is eating right and at the same time maintaining a healthy weight[Pregnancy nutrition].

Although you are already eating for two, that is not an excuse to go all out and give into your junk food cravings.

This is because if you unhealthily gain excessive weight during your pregnancy, labor might prove to be difficult and it can even lead to complications in the baby’s health.

4. Make sure that you are prepared financially.

Now that there is an economic crunch, it is even more vital to save up for the time that you will actually give birth, the expenses that you would have to shoulder start with the doctor’s appointments while you are on your first, second and third trimester. You may even want to enroll in birth classes.

The costs of giving birth in the hospital would add a huge chunk to your expenses – but it goes way beyond that.

As a future parent, the mere fact that you will add one more member to your family means that you need to make major adjustments with your budget as a household – and this is something that you really need to prepare for.

expecting mothers5. Plan for the birth and the delivery details.

Whether or not it’s your first time to give birth, your doctor can help map out a birth and delivery plan for you.

Aside from the medical aspect of things, you should also prepare the things that you need to bring with you to the hospital once ‘it is time’.

About a week or so before you give birth, make sure that you already packed the essentials like your clothes, the toiletries and some clothes that you bought for your baby.

6. Make sure that you have a pregnancy backup plan.

Although you may be preparing for a vaginal birth, you should still have a backup plan in case there is a medical need for you to undergo a C-section.

Ask your doctor about the type of incision that will be used, make sure that you know which type of anesthesia will be applied and how long it will take for you to recover [Epidural].

giving birth7. Prepare your home in welcoming a new member of the family.

It’s not just the nursery that you need to prepare when welcoming a new member of your family, it’s the entire household which should be child-proof.

If you already have several kids running around the house, you may have already performed some child-proofing steps. But if you haven’t, now is the best time to do so.

For first time parents, you should enjoy the process of preparing all your baby products and putting together a nursery for your child. Aside from repainting the walls and getting that crib in the center of the room, you should also have your home tested for environmental hazards which include lead paint, radon or carbon monoxide.

Your car should already have child-safety features. You can even get one of those choke-test cylinders to ensure that any toy that you will be placing on the nursery is hazard-free.

8. Practice multitasking even before the baby arrives.

You won’t believe how little sleep you will actually get once the baby arrives. So as early as possible, you can practice multitasking.

You can prepare home cooked meals in advance and freeze them so that you will have microwaveable dishes once you get home from the hospital.

Keep the refrigerator stocked with healthy foods and some baby essentials. Even your bathroom supplies should be well-stocked.

9. Decide on the parenting style that you will take.

This is an especially crucial decision for both parents. Which parenting style will you take? If both parents are working, should one give up his or her job in order to personally care for the baby, or is hiring a full-time baby sitter an option that you are considering?

Will you play the good cop, bad cop scenario? How will you as a couple have a united front while disciplining your child once he or she grows up?

How about sibling care? Will you allow them to do their share in caring for the new member of the family? In terms of religious beliefs, what traditions will you follow? Deciding on these issues in advance will give you a leeway so that conflicts can be prevented in the future.

pregnancy tips10. Enjoy the experience to the fullest!

Finally, make sure to extract every bit of pleasure that you can out of your parenting experience.

Sure, you are allowed to be an emotional wreck especially if you are a first-time mother – but this should not take away from your marveling at the experience of being pregnant and giving birth.

By following these pregnancy tips, you can rest assured that you are prepared for your pregnancy, the labor phase and the post-natal care of that new member of your family which everyone is eagerly awaiting with open arms.


  1. Great article. I absolutely agree with you, you need to enjoy your pregnancy, every moment of it. Do what you love and just be happy. Also develop a strong bonding with your partner, after all you both are heeding towards one of the most challenging phrase of your life – parenthood, where you have to take major decisions together.


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