How to Deal with Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy is more of a shock for most than a surprise and is something which often needs to be dealt with, no matter how you feel about it.  Yes, it does freak you out and yes, it does ruin your future plans a little bit. But what is done is done and the next step is to deal with it and move on.  The following are some of the tips and suggestions that will help you deal with an unplanned pregnancy:

deal with unplanned pregnancy

  • The first step is to give yourself the permission to be upset about the pregnancy. It is okay to feel not good about this surprise pregnancy and you must know that you are not evil to feel bad. It will get easier if you admit it and it’s also normal and healthy to feel this way.
  • The next step is to slowly go over the plans that this pregnancy can come in the way of and try to figure out the ways to still hold onto them. You don’t have to give up on your dreams if you are pregnant and you can sit down with your partner and re-discuss those plans again.  Remember that there is always a way to be optimistic and stay focused on your goals.  If you do not wish to totally turn down the plans, you can at least readjust them.
  • If your partner is not okay with the surprise pregnancy then rather than trying to change his mind, you must allow him to show his anger or disagreement for a while.  You cannot control his emotions but you can at least be a little supportive because it is your support that he is looking for. To build a strong relationship, you must work through your concerns together.
  • If you already have a small baby and this pregnancy has come straight out of the first one, then you must remember that you are not alone in this.  You have the support of your partner and rather than feeling stressed, relax yourself and tell yourself that you can get through it.
  • If you feel that an unplanned pregnancy can ruin your relationship with your partner then you are mistaken. If anything, the kind of support you lend to one another during this time can strengthen your relationship. For this, you must spend more time with each other, hear out what the other has to say and discuss the future slowly and with tender care.
  • Another way to deal with an unplanned pregnancy is to be very positive and consider this as a signal from above. If you have faith that whatever happens, happens for good, then you will be able to accept the truth sooner rather than later and this will help you plan the future accordingly and with a positive frame of mind.
  • A surprise pregnancy is no different from a planned one and you must consider yourself lucky to have conceived naturally while on the other hand most women face problems in conceiving and having a baby.


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