What To Expect When You Are Expecting?

Most women will testify to having had a trust ready reckoner for when they are pregnant, a sort of trusty bedside table book that they will read for general information as well as for solution to some or other daily question that occurs.

Among these books is the world best seller, What to Expect when you’re Expecting which women all over the world swear by.

This book is a permanent New York Times bestseller and one of USA Today‘s 25 most “influential books” of the past two or more decades.reading book

Some estimates say that it’s read by more than 90% of pregnant women who read a pregnancy book and it has been described as “the most iconic, must-have book for parents-to-be, with over 14.5 million copies in print.” The book is constantly being updated and currently the 2008 edition is available through Amazon here.

Women are interested in knowing what changes are taking place in their bodies as well as those of their unborn child on a weekly or monthly basis and this book offers lucid information about this.

Practical tips about common pregnancy issues and useful information about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy are also covered.

Also making an excellent gift for any expectant mother, this book has helped generations of women for the difficult but exhilarating job of being a mother!


  1. Interesting article, thanks for posting it. Also, you were working on Christmas day?! You are dedicated!
    Thanks for keeping the site going, been a reader for a while.

  2. The book “what to expect when you are expecting” is fantastic. i had it by my side all the time for my first preg. I am now preg with number 2 and have started a video diary which i put on you tube and on my website. I am planning on filming my labor as I am doing hypnobirthing this time and want to share it wither others to learn from too.


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