When Does a Woman Ovulate – Ultimate Realistic Facts

The people thinking about having a child should ask one very important question: when does a woman ovulate.

Ovulation is the factor that makes pregnancy possible, and so this should be the major concern for women wishing to become mothers.

The body and the time of ovulation

Upon birth, women have about 400,000 eggs in the ovaries. When women reach puberty, the ovaries start releasing mature eggs. During the menstrual cycle besides the release of the egg, something else happens: the lining of the uterus thickens to nourish the fertilized egg.

When Does a Woman OvulateAfter the time of ovulation, the egg travels to the fallopian tube and if it isn’t fertilized in 12-48 hours, it starts disintegrating.

About two weeks later the lining of the uterus also starts to shed and then is when women have their period. After this they enter another menstrual cycle and every process starts again.

When does a woman ovulate?

As it has been mentioned before, ovulation means that a mature egg is released from the ovaries. There is a hormonal signal that makes the follicle holding the egg burst, thus releasing the egg. T

his usually happens on the 14th or 15 day of the menstrual cycle. After this happens, it is possible for the woman to get pregnant.

Fertile window

Regarding time of ovulation, you should know that after the egg is released from the ovary the fertile window of women starts. During this period it is possible for the egg to be fertilized and for the woman to get pregnant. This is the time to have unprotected sex if the woman wishes to get pregnant.

In fact it is important to know when does a woman ovulate because she could get pregnant even if she has unprotected intercourse 5 days prior to ovulation or 1 day after. This is because the sperm survives in the reproductive tract for about 4-5 days after ejaculation.


After the time of ovulation, conception can occur if the egg meets sperm. Once sperm gets into the vagina, it travels through the cervix right to the fallopian tubes where the sperm could meet the egg. It is this journey that usually prevents pregnancy from happening.

If you are interested in when does a woman ovulate, you may also want to know that when a sperm penetrates the egg it is said that conception has already happened as the two create one nucleus known as a zygote. This has the genetic material of both the mother and the father.


The time of ovulation is important for women who want to have kids. According to specialists, we can say that a woman is pregnant only in the moment when the fertilized egg or zygote gets implanted into the sensitive lining of the uterus and this process could take several days.

Signs of ovulation

Usually it is quite easy to determine when does a woman ovulate because there are some signs. For example there are a lot of women who experience mild pain in their abdomen during ovulation. Another sign could be to observe some spotting or bleeding in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

There are also some changes in the cervical mucus during the time of ovulation and the women tracking their basal temperature could see a slight rise. The fertile women experience ovulation on a monthly basis except for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Now you know the answer to the question when does a woman ovulate. This way you can increase your chances of conceiving and getting pregnant because you know more about timing.


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