Be Aware Of Risks Associated With Teenage Pregnancy

Teens are too young to give birth to a baby and have more chances of experiencing a wide range of health risks. Here are a few of them:

Health risks associated with teenage pregnancy

  1. Premature delivery
  2. If labor takes place before the 37th week of pregnancy, it is considered premature labor, which can be very harmful for both mother and child. Most premature babies have a range of health problems that can last throughout their life.

  3. Hypertension during pregnancy
  4. Pregnant teens are at high risk of developing hypertension during pregnancy, which is commonly known as pre-eclampsia. Hypertension related to pregnancy can lead to swelling, release of proteins in urine and also high blood pressure.

  5. Birth of low-weight babies
  6. Teen mothers are more prone to give birth to babies with a low birth weight.  As result, the baby can have serious health complications, including intestinal problems, undeveloped organs and many more.

    So, be aware of the health risks associated with teenage pregnancy. It is always recommended to avoid and encourage teenage pregnancies. Unfortunately, however, if your teen is pregnant, take better care of him/her to avoid these particular health complications.



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