Causes of Teenage Pregnancy – Can They Be Identified?

When talking about the causes of teenage pregnancy, you should know that people are referring to an unintended pregnancy during the teenage years.

There are about 750,000 teenage girls who get pregnant on a yearly basis. Nonetheless the majority of the teenagers think that it couldn’t happen to them.

Pressure as a reason of teenage pregnancy

In many cases teenagers are influenced to do certain things by their friends, even if they don’t really know the consequences of their actions, such as engaging in sexual activity. In the world of teenagers having sex is something trendy and cool, and this often becomes the cause of pregnancy in teenagers.

Causes of Teenage PregnancyAbout 29% of the teenagers facing pregnancy say that they felt a pressure to start their sexual life and 33% claim that in reality they didn’t really feel ready for it but they still did it.

Absent parents

When thinking about why teenagers get pregnant we also have to consider the role of the parents. The majority of pregnant teenage girls didn’t receive the required guidance from their parents.

Usually the parents are too busy to talk to their children, and so they don’t have enough information.

In case a teenager can’t talk to her parents about reasons of pregnancy among teens then she will turn to friends, and for sure she won’t get the guidance that she needs.

Glamorization of pregnancy

We may say that one of the causes of teenage pregnancy is the media because it glamorizes the pregnancy and motherhood of teenagers in news and movies.

In many movies teenage pregnancy is presented as something desirable and they make teens engage in sexual activities.

In their teenage years, girls are preoccupied about how the world sees them and this is one of the reasons for experiencing teenage pregnancy. In some cases they would like to belong to a group, and so they may get pregnant just to be accepted.

Lack of information

When asking why to get pregnant during the teenage years, one of the main causes turns out to be the lack of information. Many teenagers don’t understand the physical and emotional consequences of starting their sexual life.

There are a lot of sources offering wrong information, becoming faulty of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage drinking

According to official information, in many cases a pregnancy is the result of teenage drinking. It is considered to be normal for the teenagers to experiment with drugs and alcohol and sometimes the results might be different than the ones expected.

Drinking is a cause of teenagers getting pregnant, because under the influence of alcohol they cannot control their impulses and this is responsible for the pregnancy between the ages of 14 and 21. About 91% of teenagers say that they consumed alcohol before engaging in sexual activities and before they didn’t have any plans of doing so.

There are numerous causes of teenage pregnancy and while sometimes the teenagers are to blame, in other cases it is the parents’ fault or simply it is the result of the circumstances.


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