Know the Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is an issue that has a high impact on the future of young women. And the effects of teenage pregnancy are very tough on the teenagers. Pregnancy is a challenge that the majority of teens aren’t prepared for and usually they lack the skills to handle the changes.

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Medical complications

Such complications appear quite often in case of teenage pregnancy, usually because pregnant girls don’t receive adequate medical attention during their pregnancy. The complications that often occur include toxemia, anemia, placenta previa, high blood pressure, or premature birth. If complications arise, adequate medical care is crucial.

Emotional crisis

The results of teenage pregnancy could also include an emotional crisis if a girl gets pregnant but she does not want the baby. As a result of the crisis girls might try methods for self-abortion and in serious cases the new mother could even try to take her own life.

Worrying about the future

As one of the effects of teenage pregnancy, girls could start worrying about the future when they find out that they are pregnant. Usually girls think that they don’t have the knowledge necessary to become a mother. She may also be worried about the impact of her pregnancy on her dreams and plans.

Delayed education

In many cases as one of the teenage pregnancy results girls put on hold their education during their pregnancy. Sometimes girls decide to stop going to high school. If the girl in question was thinking about going to college, she might postpone her plans or focus on other things instead of her education.

Drugs and smoking

If the girl in question is using drugs or she is smoking the effects of teenage pregnancy could turn out to be horrible. Sadly the majority of the teenagers don’t have the willpower to give up the substances that aren’t healthy for them and the baby.


Exhaustion is one of the common consequences of teenage pregnancy. It is a good idea for the teen mothers to exercise during their pregnancy. Still they should remember that this is something normal and the best thing they could do about it is to have as much rest as they can.


When thinking about the more serious effects of teenage pregnancy you could have depression in mind. When trying to handle the new emotions, teenagers may fall in a deep depression. This is even more likely if they receive a lot of negativity from their family and friends.

Neglecting the baby

As one of the teenage pregnancy consequences after the birth of the baby the new mother may not be able to offer her undivided attention to her baby. Usually teens aren’t the best mothers because they get overwhelmed by the needs of the baby.

As you can see there are a lot of undesired effects of teenage pregnancy that often cannot be avoided but that need to be improved.


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