Interesting Facts About Teenage Pregnancy

If you are interested in facts about teenage pregnancy it may be good to know that about 10% of the babies born have teenage mothers.

The pregnancy of teenagers is a social problem because of the economic and social environments that the babies are raised up in.

The truth regarding teenage pregnancy

In the last few years, there has been a decline in the number of teenage mothers. In the US, about 820,000 teens give birth each year.

According to this information, about 34% of the teenagers give birth at least once before they turn 20. In these studies 19 year old girls are still considered teens.

Facts About Teenage PregnancyJust as you may have thought about the truth regarding teenage pregnancy in about 80% of the cases the girls who give birth aren’t married.

About 40% of the girls who have intercourse around the age of 13 and 14 claim that sex wasn’t consensual. The highest raise occurs in case of girls under the age of 15.

As it has been mentioned before regarding the facts about teenage pregnancy, in the majority of the cases the pregnancy wasn’t planned.

Still in 25% of the cases, these girls have a second pregnancy during the following couple of years.

Educational, social and financial costs

You may think that these numbers have no effect on you, but the truth regarding teenage pregnancy is that such pregnancies costs about $7 billion per year.

Only about 33% of the girls who get pregnant in their teenage years continue their studies and finish high school to get a diploma.

Another one of the facts about teenage pregnancy is that only 1.5% of the girls who gave birth in their teenage years get a college degree by the time they turn 30.

The sad truth is that about 80% of the teenage mothers end up on welfare which is a huge expense for society.

The truth regarding teenage pregnancy also involves the fact that the daughter of a teenage mother is 22% more likely to become a teenage mother as well than the other girls. In the same time, the sons of these mothers are 13% more likely to get in jail than the other boys.

Other facts about teenage pregnancy

Believe it or not, every 61 seconds there is a baby born from a teenage mother. The girls who fight with poverty get a sense of fulfillment if they get pregnant. The teenage parents aren’t really able to socialize and educate their children, and so they end up in a vicious circle.

When it comes to the truth regarding teenage pregnancy, you should also know that some of the teenagers that get pregnant have a history of feeling neglected and deprived. Many of them have been raped or abused and the fact that they got pregnant has nothing to do with sex.

The truth is that the US has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy of all the countries. The sad truth is that about 70,000 teenagers die on an yearly basis simply because they get pregnant before they are ready for it from a physical point of view.

The truth regarding teenage pregnancy also involves the fact that the death rate among the teenage mothers is a lot higher than in case of the women over 20. The children of the teenager mothers are more likely to be affected by different health issues.

Now you know a little information on the facts about teenage pregnancy and you have a more realistic image of the world.


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