Health Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

It is a widely accepted fact that teenagers start having sexual intercourse at young ages and this determines people to think about the health effects of teenage pregnancy. We can all agree that a teenager simply cannot care for the baby as well as a more experience woman would.

Health Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Weight gain

According to the specialists, teenager mothers usually don’t gain enough weight and this can result in a low birth weight of the baby.

Low birth weight can be associated with childhood and infant disorders and they result in a higher rate of infant mortality. These babies have higher chances of having organs that aren’t fully developed yet.

Poor eating habits

In case you are interested in the health results of teenage pregnancies it is good to know that teenagers are more likely to have poor eating habits. Also usually they don’t take prenatal vitamins and they often don’t give up smoking, drinking, or drug abuse during their pregnancy.

Prenatal care

When it comes to the health effects of teenage pregnancy, one of the most important aspects to think about is prenatal care. This is important for monitoring the health of the baby and of the mother, but it is often ignored by teenagers. The babies of women who didn’t receive proper prenatal care are 4 times more likely to die before the age of 1.

Proper nutrition of the baby

The people interested in the teenage pregnancy health results should also think about the health of the child. Teenager mother usually don’t focus on the healthy nutrition of the child and they don’t offer social and cognitive stimulation or proper health care.

Neglect and abuse

Because of the lifestyle of teenagers, when it comes to the health effects of teenage pregnancy we also have to think about the future of the child. These children are often neglected and they can also be abused, not only by their mother but her future partners as well.


According to statistical information regarding the health effects of pregnancies of teenagers the girls of teenage mothers have 22% more chances of becoming teenager mothers themselves as well. This may be the result of a combination of effects that were mentioned before.

Parents should really think about the health effects of teenage pregnancy and they have to take good care of their children to avoid situations of this kind.


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