How To Confirm Your Early Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is the most joyful experience of a woman’s life.

However, dealing with early pregnancy is very difficult, especially when it is for the first time.

You have several early pregnancy signs to detect your conception.

How to confirm pregnancy? The first and the most common early pregnancy sign is missed menstrual period.

The other common early pregnancy symptoms are fatigue, frequent urination, breast tenderness, darkening of nipples as well as areolas, morning sickness, cramping in the legs, food cravings, and aversion to certain foods.

You may or may not develop these early pregnancy signs and, if it does, it takes four to six weeks to develop these symptoms after conception.

It is always good to confirm your pregnancy through pregnancy tests.

Early Pregnancy

How to confirm pregnancy through tests? The early pregnancy tests can be done through home pregnancy test kit or laboratory tests.

These tests measure the presence of human chorionic gonadatrophin (HCG), a pregnancy hormone that is usually produced by the body when you are 4 weeks pregnant.

A home pregnancy test is very simple and easy to use. The results of this test will be very quick and accurate. This early pregnancy test kit is available at all drug stores. The most popular are velocit and pregcolour.

The test kit makes use of urine sample to confirm your pregnancy, particularly the sample of first morning urine (FMU). In order to use this kit, place the kit on a flat surface and use dropper to put few (2-3) drops of urine on the test window.

The early pregnancy test kit contains a blotting tissue to detect the presence of hCG hormone.

A single colored line on the test window indicates no conception. Two colored lines indicate a successful conception and no color indicates to perform another test. Remember that the home pregnancy test kit should be used only once.

On the other hand, the laboratory tests make use of both urine and blood samples to confirm your early pregnancy. The blood tests are of two types: qualitative and quantitative.

The qualitative pregnancy blood test measures the presence of hCG hormone in the blood whereas quantitative pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG in the blood.

To perform the early pregnancy blood test, the lab technician inserts a needle into your vein in order to draw blood into the syringe or vial. The blood sample will be sent to the laboratory to test and confirm the presence of hCG hormone in the blood.

Remember that the early pregnancy test using urine sample is inexpensive and quicker when compared to the pregnancy blood tests. However, the pregnancy blood test can measure the concentration of pregnancy hormone production in the blood.

The positive result of the blood test indicates that you are pregnant whereas negative result indicates no conception occurred.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, determine your delivery date as well as the gender of your baby through early pregnancy calculator by providing your date of your last period and average length of your menstrual cycle.

Always maintain a healthy diet and practice exercise regularly to avoid early pregnancy complications.


  1. hi,
    i am ammu from bangalore one question plz, how much dates beetween the testing of pregnancy plz confirm the my LMP date is 04-10-2010 plz reply.

  2. hi

    i am having difficulty having period. my period dates r usually end of this month but till now i haven’t got it.

    i m really worried because don’t want to be pregnant now.

    can anyone suggest me what should i do now? abortion is only option for me or any pills i can take.

    thank you very much for your assistance.

  3. hii evry one

    i am really worried if my girlfrnd is pregnant or not !?
    is there any side effect if she take birthcontrol and comes to know that she was not pregnant !?

    plz help me outt !!

  4. hi
    i have missed my period this month,as in, it was going to happen on 10th of this month but it is 13th today and till now no signs of period.this kind of missed period has never happened to me before.but this time we took precautions as we do it every time before an intercourse.i don’t know what to do? please reply me soon so that i can understand whether it is the sign of pregnancy or not!

  5. Hi I am 31,got 4 kids and trying to get pregnant again. My last l.m.p was 9/6/2011. My ovulation date was the 20th of september and I had intercourse the next day,fertile days was from the 17-22.I took a hpt on the 4th of october,it showed negative. So my question is,did I do it too early? When should I do my next hpt?

  6. i have missed my period for 5 weeks now and since then i have been taking piles of different types to no avail. please advice me on what to do. i went for blood today but it still confirm positive. am confuse now please advice me. its urgent


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