Long Term Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is one of the most serious issues affecting the world nowadays and has several other negative effects as well. For starters, it is really not very good for the health of the pregnant girl and for her emotional and psychological state. Teenage pregnancy also leads to many school dropouts which may prove to be really bad for the education of the girls and bring a bad name on the school as well.

The number of cases of teen pregnancy is increasing at an alarming rate and therefore it is really important for schools and parents to impart sex education to children and teach them about safe and protected sex. The following are a few of the long term effects of teenage pregnancy:

Long Term Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

  • One of the long term consequences of teenage pregnancy is the termination of education which the female was supposed to receive if she hadn’t gotten pregnant.
  • Teenage pregnancy comes with a lot of emotional burden and stress for the female and may put her into a depressed state. This may prove to be another long term effect of teen pregnancy as it affects the psychological state and the mental balance.
  • Teenage pregnancy often proves to be harmful for the unborn child as most teenage girls are not able to take proper care of the fetus because of a host of reasons. This may result in a baby who has low birth rate, may have learning and focus related problems, may have delayed development and may also face physical disorders and problems.
  • Teenage mothers often remain unemployed even as young adults and this can pose as a financial problem for them.
  • Teenage pregnancy makes females rely and depend heavily on the publicly funded healthcare and this is another adverse effect.
  • Children born to teen mothers might also be affected by behavioral problems and even chronic medical conditions all through their life.
  • Teen pregnancy and child birth cost the tax payers an additional amount and this is because of the increased health care and foster care charges and costs. Infact there is loss in tax revenue from teen mothers who earn a lesser amount because of relatively less education and skills.

Teen pregnancy is a threat to the world at large and must be prevented to the largest possible extent possible. For this education about protected sexual intercourse needs to be spread out.


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