The Choices to Make With Teenage Pregnancies

Teenage pregnancies are still on the rise around the developed world, even though there are a number of measures being taken to help avoid them.

When a teenage becomes pregnant, she will need some help with determining what to do – should she have an abortion? Is adoption the way forward? Can she really keep the baby?

What are the options for teenage pregnancies?

This is the first question that usually runs through a teen’s head when she realizes that she is expecting a baby. There are three main options: terminating the pregnancy, putting the baby up for adoption or keeping the baby. There are a number of factors that will affect the final answer to this question and it can take months for the girl to come up with the decision.Teenage pregnancies

The main factor is the father of the baby. There are times when the father will turn his back, which will often lead to the teen mom-to-be to make the decision herself.

However, there are other times that the teen father to be a part of the decision; he may decide that they will be able to raise the child together or may help to come to the decision of adoption.

Parents and doctors will also need to help the expectant mom come to a decision over the teenage pregnancy. They will be able to offer advice, such as how the baby will change the teens’ lives and how much they will need to grow up to have a baby.

Doctors will also be able to help the teen come to decision over abortion by talking through the procedure and the need for support afterwards.

Factors when considering continuing with teenage pregnancies

There are a number of things that a teen mom will have to think about if she decides that keeping the baby is the best option. The first is the fact that her dreams will go out of the window. Raising a baby is hard and it will often mean putting a hold on college and will mean getting a job instead. However, this will also depend on the situation with the father.

Another factor to consider is the fact that friendships are tested during this period. It is not possible to go out partying every weekend with teenage pregnancies, which is what most teens want to do. This leads to the expectant mom staying in and going to bed early on a weekend while all her friends are still out and about. Most of the friends who say that they will be around often forget about the person who they made the promise to.

Money becomes an issue with a baby. Not only will this cause a problem for college, it will also cause a problem for buying things for the home. The baby has to become the most important thing, which means diapers and food needs to be bought. This often leads to teen girls giving up their own luxuries, like having their hair and nails done.


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