Teenage Pregnancy Facts You Ought to Know

It is possible that you are interested in teenage pregnancy facts and in this case you should know that in the past few years their number has decreased. However in the last period it started rising again and the sad truth about these pregnancies is that the 85% of them aren’t planned.

Prenatal care and facts about teenage pregnancy

In the majority of the cases the teenagers receive little prenatal care, and in about 7.2% of the cases they don’t receive any care at all. This may be caused by the fact that girls don’t get a pregnancy test or that they are in denial. Often teenagers are also afraid of what may happen if they are pregnant.

Teenage Pregnancy FactsWhen it comes to the facts about teenage pregnancy it is important to know that in every state there is a department or a clinic that offers free or low cost care and where a patient’s confidentiality is important, meaning that the doctor won’t call the parents of the mother.

Biological facts

One of the most important teenage pregnancy facts is that the body of the teenagers is still developing and this is why girls need more nutritive elements to offer support for their own development and for the development of the baby. Nutritional counseling is offered as part of prenatal care.

These facts about teenage pregnancy are offered by midwives and doctors who offer support to pregnant teenagers. During counseling, girls will learn about folic acid and prenatal vitamins along with the things that they should and shouldn’t do. In case girls don’t have a suitable nutrition they could become anemic.

Alcohol and drug use

It is a known fact that many teenagers use such substances and they greatly influence the teenage pregnancy facts. We also have to be thinking about smoking that isn’t good for the baby. Such substances shouldn’t be used by the mother in any amount because they could cause complications.


The facts about teenage pregnancy include the relatively high rate of complications, such as low birth weight, premature birth, physical disabilities and brain damage. Since they have to spend more time at the hospital and there are higher risks of health issues, the mothers could become stressed.

Emotional level

Although the teenage pregnancy facts show us that the situation isn’t really desirable, this is isn’t the picture that the counselors should show the mothers. We should focus more on the fact that the mothers are likely to have a normal pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy baby.

When thinking about facts about teenage pregnancy it is important to know that if the mother has the right nutrition, receives prenatal care and screening tests to recognize the potential threats, the majority of the problems could be avoided.

You may think regarding the teenage pregnancy facts that there is nothing new to teach the mothers about their body, it is important to know that there is a lot of new information that they should know. It is important for the mothers to have an active role in their care, to care for the baby and to overcome their difficulties.

Helping the mothers

The facts about teenage pregnancy include that pregnancy is a lot easier for the mother in case she gets support from their family. It is understandable for the parents to be angry, but remember that the baby isn’t responsible for the situation.

Now you know about the teenage pregnancy facts and if you are faced with a situation of this kind, you will know how to react and how to make the situation easier for the mother.


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