Teenage Pregnancy Myths and Facts –Know the Difference

When thinking about the teenage pregnancy myths and facts you should know that a myth is a common belief that has no real basis.

The truth is that there are a lot of myths regarding pregnancy and because some of the teenagers really believe them, they end up getting pregnant.

Teenage Pregnancy Myths and Facts

Pulling out

Although the boy might be able to pull out his penis before he ejaculates, you should know that you could still get pregnant. This is because the precum can also contain sperm that may reach the egg and fertilize it. Don’t forget that it takes only one sperm for a teenager to get pregnant.

First time sex

If you are interested in the facts and myths of teenage pregnancy you should know that girls can get pregnant the first time they have sex and there are a lot of teenage pregnancies because of this myth. Don’t forget that you don’t have to have intercourse many times to actually get pregnant.


Some people think regarding the teenage pregnancy myths and facts that girls can’t get pregnant if they stand up during or after sex because the force of gravitation won’t let the sperms reach the egg. The truth is that in this case gravitation doesn’t help and the force of ejaculation sends the sperm upwards.

Teenage boys

There are some pregnancy at teen age myths and facts that involve the boys not being able to get a girl pregnant. In fact teenage boys usually have more sperms that can fertilize an egg because their body is preparing to turn them into a man.

The sea

In case you are wondering about the myths and fact about teenage pregnancy, you should know that some believe that having sex in the sea doesn’t leave the girl pregnant. During intercourse there is no water in the vagina, so the sperm travels right to the eggs and it is more than capable of fertilizing it.

There are a lot of teenage pregnancy myths and facts that you should know about and being an informed teen can make a lot of difference for your future.


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