Statistics on Teenage Pregnancy

The sad truth about statistics on teenage pregnancy is that almost 1/3 of all teenage girls get pregnant at some point during their teen years.

This costs the country about $7 billion per year. It is easy to see that it is a major problem at the moment, and it looks like the future isn’t too bright either.

Information about teen pregnancy statistics

It is a known fact that each year about 750,000 teenagers get pregnant. The rates of pregnant teenagers vary from one state to the other. For instance in Nevada it is of 11.3%, while in North Dakota it is only of 4.2%.

The teenagers who aren’t married represent 24% of all the unmarried women who get pregnant.

Statistics On Teenage PregnancySadly when it comes to data on teen pregnancy about 2/3 of pregnant women don’t graduate from high school and so we can find a connection between pregnancy and education.

As it has been mentioned before, there are millions spent on teenage mothers and their babies each year.

Good side

We also have to look at the bright side of the statistics on teenage pregnancy. Since the 1990s the number of pregnant teens dropped to a third.

This is due to the prevention programs that teach teenagers to have safe sex. For this millions are spent on a yearly basis.

As the teenagers understand the teen pregnancy data it is very likely that the rates will improve. The abortion level of pregnant teens in 2002 was half of the rate in 1988. In case of the black teenagers the pregnancy rate decreased by 40% since 1990.

There is also some improvement regarding the statistics on teenage pregnancy in case of the Hispanic teens as well. In this case the rates dropped by 19%. When it comes to the white teenagers, in this case also there are some improvements, of 34% since 1990.

More kids

Although the statistics on teen pregnancy seems to improve we still have to consider that this is a major issue and that there are more and more children entering their teenage years every year. This is why the importance of the teenage pregnancy programs also increases every year.

In order to improve the statistics on teenage pregnancy the best thing to do is to talk to the teenagers to find out their thoughts about sex and to find out how the people surrounding them see it. All this influences the way teenagers see the matter. Teachers and parents could monitor the sex life of teens.


As it has been mentioned before regarding the teen pregnancy statistics, the teen mothers are highly unlikely to finish high school and only 1.5% of the mothers go to college by the age of 30. The bad news is that about 80% of the unmarried mothers end up on welfare.

The statistics on teenage pregnancy shows us the reality about the girls who live around us that need the help and support of society but also a proper sexual education from the early teenage years.


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